Friday, April 27, 2012

Singapore 2 - Kraze Burgers

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Kraze Burgers 

This is my first, full overseas restaurant review of this recent trip. It didn't take long (maybe 2-3 days?) before I started craving Western food over noodle and rice dishes. Shameful, isn't it? I was day-dreaming about Grill'd when I spied this burger store in the Maria Bay Sands Shopping Centre food court. There are other burger stores like this, by which I mean they're burger stores with an Asian origin and theme. MOS Burger (now in Brisbane) is another such example.

Kraze Burgers has an interesting fitting that's a cross between Western steakhouse and fast food outlet with elements of American comic strip thrown in. I liked it!

Singapore 1 - Singaporean Must-Eats

Top 10 Singaporean Must-Eats

I'll take a deep breath before diving into my mass of overseas dining photos.

To start with... before I left for Singapore I did some research on the food culture there. The general consensus was that it wasn't so much the fine dining culture that was unique but the street food. By the end of the trip, I started to realize that this translates to most of SE-Asia.

In any case, there are some uniquely Singaporean dishes that are most frequently recommended. I'll share what I managed to get a taste of. Some of the items may be considered Malaysian, or indeed just generally Indo-Chinese but I've put them on here anyway.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cocktails and Tapas at Subsolo, Sydney

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Subsolo Spanish Restaurant and Bar

Saturday night, our good friend Dani decided she would take us 'Asian-clubbing'. Being a Sydney local, she was also responsible for feeding us beforehand. We met up at Subsolo, which is an underground Spanish restaurant. Despite having a booking for 8:30, our table wasn't ready for a significant period of time... so we stood around waiting for a bit.

The place was packed! There was a festive, happy vibe about the restaurant, which lightened the underground feel. I liked the rustic brick walls with red lamps and gothic chandeliers. Noice.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gourmet Traveller's Restaurant of the Year, 2012 - Marque, Sydney

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Marque Restaurant

Last Thursday, I got straight off a plane from Singapore, had a micro nap, did some shopping/repacking and returned to the airport for a CPD conference in Sydney. Although the conference was work-related and hence quite a contrast from the 3 weeks of relaxation I'd been enjoying prior, it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and I was also looking forward to being in another city that wasn't Toowoomba.

Being the food enthusiasts we are, Mochi and I started planning the dinner trips months in advance. Apparently that's what you have to do in this town too! I had tried Quay but it was fully booked so we scratched that off the list. Marque Restaurant has a much smarter booking system that allows you to get an instant confirmation online, rather than enquiring via e-mail and getting rejected (as with Quay) so we were happy to secure our booking there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back in town...

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On recovery mode from my holiday 
View from the infinity pool at night, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

If you've noticed the sudden depletion in new posts, it's because I've been overseas for 3 weeks, followed by a back-to-back (literally flew back to Brisbane in the morning and out again by evening) dental course in Sydney. But I'm back, baby, and ready to roll.