Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oshin Japanese Restaurant for AYCE Sukiyaki

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Oshin Japanese Restaurant

One of the things Marc and I missed the most about travelling through Europe was Asian food, or more specifically, Japanese food. Sushi shops were seen around the place but generally overpriced and crap quality. There are pleasures in life that I wouldn't have trouble giving up but sushi and sashimi is not one of them.

Upon coming home, it should be no surprise then that Japanese restaurants featured heavily on my must-visits. I was in town for one reason or another a couple of weeks back and stayed to have dinner with Marc. Because I was being such a cheapskate after Europe (holiday sent me broke), he suggested some kind of fast food, but I had just got a job offer and felt like a reward. It's very typical of me to want to spend money before I even officially earnt any. In any case, I suggested Oshin.

Monday, October 7, 2013

PJ Steaks for Lunch

PJ Steaks
2/173 Boundary Street, West End

I awkwardly booked myself an appointment at 4pm last week. Work finished at 2 and it normally takes me an hour or so for me to get home. The dilemma was whether I should go home first or head straight to my appointment. Or, more specifically, where and what was for lunch??

I was about 20 minutes from my house when I realised I wouldn't have time to cook food and head out again so I quickly changed my route and headed to West End. Because it wasn't lunch or dinner time (around 3pm), the first two places I tried told me their kitchens were closed. It was a relief for me when I saw that PJ Steaks was still cooking.

The first time I realised a cheese steak venue had opened up in my neighbourhood, I was immediately interested. Having never been to the USA before, I didn't really know what it was but it just sounded good. Logic tells me that cheese steak is a layer of melty cheese on a singular chunk of steak. Google tells me that cheese steak (originating from Philadelphia) is essentially a sub stuffed with thinly sliced steak mixed with onion and cheese. When I got to PJ Steaks, I saw that was exactly what they offered.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kung Food Noodle

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Kung Food Noodle
Shop 24, Pinelands Shopping Centre, Sunnybank Hills 

A couple weeks after I got back from Europe, dad suggested that we go out for lamb soup for lunch. I had never heard of lamb soup before and I wasn't working at the time so I figured, why the hell not. He started explaining the history to me before we even arrived at the restaurant. Apparently, this style of lamb soup is local to Xi'An in China. Because I was trying to cut back on carbs, I asked if there were noodles or rice involved and dad replied that "no, but there's mantou". Mantou means steamed bun in Chinese so I was really confused. How are steamed buns and lamb soup connected?

Kung Food Noodles is located in Centro Pinelands, Sunnybank Hills. The shop front is small but they clearly focus on noodle dishes. Most of the menu and photos on display featured beautiful soup noodles and stir-fried noodles.