Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sydney weekend in May 1 - Lunch at Izakaya Yebisu

Izakaya Yebisu
10/501 George Street, Sydney

I managed to do that thing again last weekend, while we were in Sydney, where we ate at so many places that I simply got overwhelmed by the amount of blog posts I had to write. The end result is that I procrastinate and put it off and end up writing nothing. This weekend, I'm forcing myself to do some reviews before I forget everything and make it harder on myself.

Marc and I arrived early afternoon on a Friday. I had slept through the flight so I missed out on the refreshments and I was hangry. We found where our hotel was and decided for simplicity sake to get lunch nearby. This being Sydney, we stumbled across a little shopping mall full of food after crossing just one street so I thought "this will do" and we ended up lunching at Izakaya Yebisu.

To be perfectly honest, we were immediately attracted by the touch screen menus. Call us childish or antisocial or whatever (both is true) but touch screen menus are so much fun! We scurried to a table and started flicking through the icons.

We were in a casual mood so we clicked through a bunch of items to munch on and sat down to a jug of beer. It was a huge jug and did a great job setting the weekend mood. The table we sat at was small but I noticed that they had trolleys that could be brought out if the food you ordered didn't fit on the table.

Teriyaki beef salad

Our first item was a fresh and healthy teriyaki beef salad. There was a good amount of beef and the salad balanced out the protein and carb-heavy aspects of our other dishes.

Sashimi platter

Next, we sampled their sashimi platter. This had more variety on it than I've seen at Japanese stores in Brisbane. Marc and I love sashimi but we're absolutely hopeless at identifying anything that isn't salmon or tuna. We did enjoy the different items on this platter and everything tasted fresh.

Spider roll

The spider roll was our final order of the day. The rice was well-cooked and the soft shell crab had an excellent crunch. The other dishes were 'lighter' so it was good to have something to fill us up. I did miss having some Kewpie mayonnaise on the side though.

We had a fun, easy experience at Izakaya Yebisu. The service was fast and efficient. The food was well-priced and reasonable. I'm sure that Sydney has a lot of Japanese on offer but this is the one we happened to stumble upon and we left satisfied.
Yebisu Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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