Thursday, August 28, 2014

Midam Korean for Lunch

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Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
Shop 3, 21 Farne Street, Sunnybank Hills

Maybe I'm becoming a bad daughter but I feel like I hardly get to share a meal with my folks these days. We used to do it almost every weekend but I find that my weekends are now getting cluttered with a mix of work, chores and social events. Last week, dad and I shared the same day off today so we ended up catching up with my grandparents over lunch.

They originally wanted to try Sakura in Runcorn because I've mentioned how nice the sashimi is there. Unfortunately, it's only open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we had to find an alternative. Out of the blue, my dad mentioned Korean and I jumped on that because I'm ALWAYS in the mood for Korean.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seafood Class at James Street Cooking School

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Fast and Furious Seafood Class at James Street Cooking School

It's been a minor break since my previous blog entry for a sad reason: I dropped my old laptop and it got very, very sick. When I say 'old' it was probably purchased less than 4 years ago but anyone who saw it pitied the machine. I used it as my plate holder, cup holder, army-grade portable table and more. It had food stains all over its screens and keys and I only rebooted it once in a blue moon so constantly had programs running. It's a wonder it survived till now. I was wondering if I should even bother with a new laptop but impulse purchasing got the better of me and today, I came home with an Apple Macbook Air.

I already owned Apple everything bar the Macbook so it sort of made sense as the next step to total Apple-dependancy. The thing that put me off was that I've been a Windows user my whole life so I didn't know how I could adjust to a new OS. It has been a struggle to say the least! I'm just grateful I have actually fiddled around enough to get a post up on my blog. The photo editing was the most challenging and as I type, I still have photos all dumped in one big folder. Sorting can wait. I couldn't figure out how to make my 'Hungry Kittens' watermark become italics but I figured that's no big deal. Maybe the straight font will freshen the look.

Alright, let's move back a week to the date of this cooking class. Jenny and I are always talking about things we should do to make our days off more productive. On this occasion, we actually committed to a "we should do this" proposal and booked the class. After looking through the variety of cooking classes there are in Brisbane (quite a few nowadays), we decided on seafood because it's something we both don't have confidence in cooking at home.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pizza and Cider at The Burrow

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The Burrow Revisted

This will be my second post for The Burrow, the first of which covered a breakfast experience as well as a lunch experience. I might as well complete the set! I don't often harp on with multiple reviews of the same venue because it's bound to get repetitive but with Brew, I feel a sense of duty. Why? Well, this place is known for pizza and beer and in both my previous posts, I had neither of those. Marc and I fixed that right up by having a big old pizza session earlier this year.

I've already spoken about the venue itself. It's casual in a cool, relaxed and fun way. Basically it's the perfect environment for catchup chats with friends. There are long benches so if you're a smaller group, expect to share the table with others. I think there are new seating options outside too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Breakfast at Primal Pantry

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Primal Pantry 

I went through a brief phase of being VERY interested in the paleo diet. I already 'attempt' to cut out refined carbs and sugars, focusing instead on fresh fruit and veg and proteins. I say 'attempt' because if you look through my blog, even briefly, you'll know my success is minimal. I enjoy eating out too much to be able to stick to a restricted diet.

Classic New York Cheesecake

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Classic New York Cheesecake
Home Cooking

In line with finishing up old blog posts, this cake can be dated by the occasion it was baked for: Marc's 30th birthday. That, my friends, was all the way back in May. I love baking but I try to restrict it to special occasions because with only two people in the house (and one tummy-sensitive puppy who can't eat anything besides dog biscuits), about 50% of anything I bake will end up contributing to my waistline. There's no occasion more special and more cake-suitable than a birthday.

For Marc, I kept it simple and baked his all time favourite cake, which is a plain cheesecake. We are both in agreement that when it comes to cheesecake, we want to be able to taste the creamy cheesiness. I don't like cheesecakes adorned with tonnes of stuff. A drizzle of berry coulis is fine but massive swirls of fruit and chunky chocolate bits and lemon toppings etc is just unecessarily distracting. That's not to say I would pass on a berry swirl cheesecake (it's still delicious) but it's not my preference.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

La Macelleria Gelateria for Dessert

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La Macelleria Gelateria
29 Florence Street, Newstead

I think I give off the wrong impression that I'm an insatiable sweettooth. Sure, I have days when I really crave cake or chocolate (and who doesn't?) but overall, it's savoury food that I love. The one exception is gelato. I can have gelato any day of the week. I could eat it instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner and then have it again for dessert after. I can't seem to get sick of gelato like I do with other sugary foods. And that's why I try my hardest to stay away from it when I'm not on holidays because I know once I start, I can't stop.

After our huge dinner at Ribs and Burgers, any resolve to be healthy had already melted away. Sad to say, we fell for the age old flawed diet mentality of "today is ruined anyway, we'll start fresh tomorrow". I sure wasn't going to waste my rare dessert slot on any old sugar fling; I wanted gelato, and that was that. Jenny had recommended La Macelleria Gelateria the day before and since we were already in the area, it was the obvious choice.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dinner at Ribs and Burgers

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Ribs and Burgers
39 James St, Fortitude Valley

Funnily enough it was actually my orthodontist who first told me about Ribs and Burgers. He always seems to be checking into nice restaurants on Facebook so I trusted his judgement. His feedback at the time was that the food was good but they found it difficult to get a table.

Marc and I got there on a Thursday night and it was blessedly quiet. The set-up is you order and pay at the counter first and receive a number and basket of condiments and cutlery for your table. I took up one of the inside booth seats.

Pistachio Macarons

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Pistachio Macarons
Home Cooking

Following the success of my French chocolate macarons, I became overconfident and assumed I could just whip them up without thinking. This lead to at least 3 sloppy batches and many dollars worth of wasted almond meal and icing sugar. I was wailing about my domestic failings to Jenny when she put me in my place. Macarons are NOT to be simply 'whipped up'. They are temperamental. They require planning and precision.

I don't know if the chocolate ones were just a fluke or if it was indeed an easier recipe to get right but I didn't want to take any more chances when it came to other flavours. My goal was to bake the perfect pistachio macaron and when I accidentally purchased $25 of pistachios, it became even more critical that I didn't screw this lot up.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Picnic Cafe for Breakfast

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Picnic Cafe
12 Martha Street, Camp Hill

Because I'm on Instagram every 5 minutes, I'm finding that a lot more of my food inspiration comes from that. I follow Picnic Cafe (@picniccafe) and their sumptuous desserts and gorgeous breakfast photo uploads catch my eye every time I scroll through my feed. I linked a couple of posts to Kat and she wholeheartedly agreed that the food looked irresistible.

We arranged to have lunch there last Sunday but I ended up skipping my morning hot yoga class (too lazy) so we brought it forward to breakfast instead. I didn't make a booking or anything so I was relieved when I was shown to a table right away. Recently, I've had a bad run of being made to wait for tables at hotspot cafes so it was nice to be able to sit down straight away and grab a coffee.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Solo Lunching at Oliver and Co

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Oliver and Co Deli and Table
Gourmet Food Court, Westfield Indooroopilly, Indooroopilly

I have just discovered that Blogger has a section of 'Draft' posts that I haven't yet published. I was shocked to see I have a lot of restaurant and recipe posts this year that I've completely forgotten to write about. Time to tick through each one...

The first of these comes from a brief stint this year where for about 2 weeks, I kept going to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. It's remarkable for me because I don't really have any reason to drive out that way and in any case, Carindale is my Westfield of choice. It's been so long now that I can't actually remember why I did go there, but suffice to say I did. And I had to have lunch.