Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brekkie and Treats from Butter Cream

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Butter Cream Cafe

OOPS! I was tipsy and leafing through my blog when I realised I had a whole heap of posts from a couple months back that I forgot all about!

This one was from May and now it's nearly August. I hope everything is still relevant.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coffee Condensed Milk Ice-Cream

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Coffee Condensed Milk Ice-Cream
Home Cooking

I have an unfortunate relationship with my ice-cream machine. I get an extreme rush of satisfacion whenever I make my own ice-cream, uncorrelated to how difficult the task actually is. It just makes me feel good, like I have the power to create pure happiness. Sad to say, I've somehow managed to lose my ice-cream machine paddle.

I figured out I could still use the machine cooler bucket and hand paddle the ice-cream but then I found this recipe that didn't need churning at all. Sorry Mr Krups machine, I guess your use is fading out...

Marchetti Cafe for Lunch

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Marchetti Cafe

Because I'm Miss Lazybum (Marc thinks that should be my new name), I have to bribe myself out of the house with little treats. I am basically a child. I was heading back into town for an oral surgeon review so I made an excursion out of it. In my mind, no excursion is complete without a food outing.

I refresh Instagram every 5 minutes these days so most of my cravings comes from that. I saw a photo uploaded by @Dolcebunnie (blog here) featuring some pastries from an Italian cafe in the city. I recognised one, the sfogliatelle, which is from Naples. I actually learnt that travelling through Naples and of course, I had my first taste there. I was really curious to see what a Brisbane version would taste like.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lebanese Lemon Chicken with Quinoa

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Lebanese Lemon Chicken with Quinoa
Home Cooking

It's been a long, long time since I've put up a home cooking post! In my 4 weeks off work, I've been cooking like a crazy woman. Literally, there are days where the only thing that motivates me to get out of bed is cooking.

This Hungry Kittens blog was always intended to be a mix of cooking and restaurant posts but as time went by, it focused more on the latter because eating out was all I ever did. A year ago, I could have confidently said that I preferred dining at a restaurant than making my own food. Not so much anymore... maybe it's another mark of old age or maybe I'm actually getting better at cooking but I've really started to find joy in it.

Lunch at Fat Dumpling

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Fat Dumpling Bar

In my old age, I find I'm getting more and more superstitious. Not in the 'run away from black cats' way but I am starting to reflect more on fate and how things happen for a reason. Some things appear like they're simply meant to be.

One such occurence was our lunch at Fat Dumpling. I was intending to eat at Bread and Meat Co and had even looked up the address and worked out directions. Somehow, I just couldn't find it. As easy and obvious as the location probably is, it eluded me on that day and I saw Fat Dumpling instead. I was hungry and I wanted food without further venture.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eurotrip 17 - Dubai and my trip epilogue

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Ah, the end of the road. At this point, after 3 months (something like 100 days) of travelling, I wouldn't exactly say that I missed home, but I was feeling relieved at the thought of standing still. Life goes on while you take a break and for me, that meant bills piling up, things needing to be sorted out and arrangements needing to be made. For most of our trip, we could happily cast all that aside but by now, I was itching to get back to base and tick through these tedious tasks.

Camel milk chocolate

Our final stop was one I was really looking forward to. Planting something like that at the end of your itinerary serves to counter the end-of-holiday-blues. It's a little present to get excited over right before home time.

Huge aquarium at Dubai Mall

Dubai appeals to me on so many levels. I've expressed before that I just love BIG cities and I mean, proper built-up cities that have a distinct city buzz. It might seem strange coming from a Brissie girl, since Brisbane is hardly a big city, but I consider Shanghai to be my second home and Shanghai is the epitome of big city.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Eurotrip 16 - Turkey

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Dear Turkey,
You were the biggest surprise of my trip!

I plugged Turkey onto the end of our holiday with the dual intention of attending a Dental Congress there. It gave me an excuse to spend 4 nights in Istanbul and I was more curious than excited about this stop.

From an expectation and enjoyment ratio, Turkey blew me away. I wish I could have spent more time there. I wish we had a whole month there. I wish I wish I wish.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eurotrip 15 - Food Walking Tour through Chania

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Chania Food Tour

I was contemplating whether I should just skip this post because it's so similar to the one we did in Athens. In fact, I found out about this one through the Athens tour (it's run by the same people) and I enjoyed that one so much, I didn't even hesitate to book the Chania version. What I didn't count on was that there would be a few redundant food elements because after all, we were still in Greece.

I'll run through the food quite quickly. We started off at a coffee bean roaster just to smell and take in the aromas. Later on, we were to actually sip coffee with loukoumades (something I had tried earlier in Athens).

Breakfast at Sourced Grocer

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Sourced Grocer

When Sourced Grocer first opened, it was highly blogged about and I really wanted to try it out. Nina and I made 2-3 attempts to brunch there but everything from crippling hangovers to flat car batteries ruined our plans. I literally just gave up and assumed this was never going to happen.

Mochi came to visit Brisbane this weekend so it was a given that we would meet up for brunch. After shuffling through a few options, she decided that Sourced Grocer sounded most appealing to her. We could only hope that this time, everything would go smoothly.

Brunch at Shouk Cafe

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Shouk Cafe

I kept seeing mention of Shouk Cafe on my various social media feeds but ignored it because I thought I had been there already. It must sound similar to another cafe in Brisbane... but I can't figure out which one. Anyway, what gave it away was when I looked at the Shouk Cafe website, it revealed itself to be a Middle Eastern-style cafe. I definitely hadn't been to anything like that.

Kat and I met up at Shouk this weekend for breakfast. It's my first food outing since I had jaw surgery and even longer since I'd last been to Paddington. Boy is this a hilly suburb. I parked on a slope and walked up another steep incline to get to the cafe. Nothing like a bit of exercise to work up an appetite.