Friday, February 5, 2016

Gerard's Bistro Revisited for Epic Feast

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Gerard's Bistro - Revisit Post

I feel a strong sense of familiarity with Gerard's Bistro. When I'm stuck on the question of "what's your favourite restaurant in Brisbane", it's always a response that presents itself. Imagine my surprise when I looked through my own food blog and realised I had only visited once, back in 2012. Sometimes it only takes a restaurant one go to leave a strong impression. All the same, all my friends and workmates seemed to be constantly talking about their delicious experiences at Gerard's so I knew I was long overdue for a visit.

Luckily friend of mine, Goldilocks, is as into food as I am and she suggested we do a double date dinner at Gerard's Bistro last Friday. What a great idea! We started the night at the bar (across the alleyway from the Bistro) and once we were sufficiently marinated with cocktails and beer, we migrated over to the bistro itself.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gelataria Dolce Follia

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Gelataria Dolce Follia
1726 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads, QLD

After our lunch at Burleigh Heads Hotel, I was itching for ice-cream. I've mentioned before but there's something about sun and surf that makes ice-cream not just desirable but an outright necessity. We wandered towards the water and spotted Gelataria Dolce Follia across the road.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Burleigh Heads Hotel

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Burleigh Heads Hotel

In what could only be described as a fit of very temporary life motivation, I thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of the peak summer weather and head to the coast. I picked Burleigh heads for its hiking trail and figured that even on a weekend, it should be less busy than Surfer's. Oh how wrong I was.

We went as a small group via two vehicles and navigated through tremendous traffic pains. Car number 2 was involved in a slight vehicular incident. None of us could find parking and this added another half hour or so to the journey. We ended up at our destination 3hrs past the original speculated time.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sugar highs from Mister Fitz

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Mister Fitz, Fortitude Valley
1 Little Street, Fortitude Valley

I can think of few examples of social media campaigning more successful than Mister Fitz. Even before it had officially opened, there was online hype everywhere. I would suggest that part of why the message spread so loudly is that Mister Fitz produces some of the most Instagram-worthy desserts imaginable. It's interesting that the most popular uploads, at least on my feed, are a combination of new and trendy green/raw/organic #fitspo diet dishes and the most diabetic amalgamations of donuts, ice-cream, sundaes and more. These monster desserts are taking over the world and in a year where every form of croissant hybrid has been and gone (cronut, cruffin etc), Mister Fitz managed to intrigue us with something that hasn't been done to death... the humble ice-cream sandwich.

Except, here, it isn't a simple vanilla-between-two-wafers affair at all. These are the ice-cream sandwiches of your wildest dreams and its easy to see why posts with people proudly selfying with their Mister Fitz creations garnered so many likes and online interest.

Dinner at Les Bubbles

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Les Bubbles

My Korean friends told me that in Korea, rather than every restaurant serving a range of different dishes, you tend to find local establishments that feature a dish they're good at. For instance, one corner store might be the bees knees in chicken broth whilst its neighbour is the expert in bulgogi stew. When you dine there, that's what you order. I always liked that as an idea... the concept of offering one thing on the menu but doing it very well. This is probably why Les Bubbles intrigued me right from the start.

Steak and chips is a winner any day of the week but at Les Bubbles, it is the constant star of the show. Aside from a choice of three sauces, your meal is set for the day with the signature steak, soft leaf salad and bottomless fries.

Pizzeria Violetta for Dinner

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Pizzeria Violetta, Kenmore

What a shock! Not only is it 2016 but we're well into mid-January. How did this happen? Wasn't Christmas just last week?  This is my first post relating to a 2016 restaurant experience. I was in a funk over the new year period... maybe it was work-related or maybe it's just me. In any case, I just didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. One evening, Marc took initiative and dragged me out of the house for dinner. It turned out to be just the right thing to kick some life back into me.

We had a booking for Saturday night, which I cannot stress highly enough. This restaurant is small and I doubt you can get a weekend table without a booking. If takeaway is an option, then by all means order that but if you want to sit and eat, ring ahead and book.

Claret House Wine Bar for Dinner and Drinks

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Claret House Wine Bar

As I've already mentioned in previous posts, I've spent most of this holiday season working, which results in little time or energy for anything else. I'm now up to my eyeballs in unblogged food reviews. I was under the impression we weren't eating out as much these days, and compared to our time at West End that may be true but if all my food photos are anything to go by, my stomach has still managed to keep busy.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Drinks and Nibblies at Dutch Courage

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Dutch Courage Officers' Mess

Passing through the silly season, there's bound to be more posts featuring alcoholic beverages with 'some food' verses the usual proper restaurants that mostly focus on food. Dutch Courage Officers' Mess is a place I've wanted to try since it first opened.

Blossom and I are soul sisters when it comes to drinking. I can recall many dreary nights when I felt like my life was a mess and the only beacon of hope came from a glass of comfort at night. Wine is my poison of choice nowadays but back then, we were big on the gin and tonic. Dutch Courage is a specialist gin bar and it made a lot of sense for us to try it together and reminisce.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dinner at KU-O Japanese Restaurant

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KU-O Japanese Restaurant
Shop 39B, Market Square, Corner Mains Rd and McCollough Street, Sunnybank

While others get ready for a break over Christmas and new years, I've been gearing up for the busiest time of the year for me. School holidays plus other dentists taking leave means I work a lot more hours than I'm used to. For the most part, the temporary nature of it keeps me reassured and sane but I still need to plant extra indulgences to balance out a heavier working schedule. Last Saturday night after a busy 6 day week of work, I convinced Marc to take me out for dinner. There's little in the way of life difficulties that can't be solved by food.

I tossed up a few options and ended up going with KU-O because I was surprised I never heard of it before. Online reviews sounded good and feedback from friends was also good so my enthusiasm grew. KU-O is located inside Market Square, next to Malaya Corner. I must have not been to Market Square for a long time because I haven't seen KU-O before and I also can't remember what used to be there.  The restaurant is quite small and narrow but I feel this adds to the authenticity. We got a table without a booking but I noticed some other tables were marked as reserved and I heard some people leaving their name and number on a waiting list for a seat. I guess we were lucky.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dinner and Drinks at London Fields

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London Fields

In an effort to stay relevant and not fade away from the Brisbane dining scene, I figured I needed to visit more fresh and newly established venues. London Fields opened up not too long ago, ironically near where I used to live. Well, I no longer live there so it took a bit of a journey to get there but that's something we expect after moving out from the inner city ring. I had heard some positive feedback about London Fields and was curious to make my own assessment.

We visited last Friday night without a booking. There were a few functions going on (birthday? Christmas parties?) but we were able to find a spot to sit without dramas. I don't think there's too much in the way of actual dining tables but we scored a low tabletop with stools surrounding. For finger food this is fine but you would definitely want a proper table if you had something that required knife and fork.