Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jenga at Brisbane's Hazel Tea Shop

Brisbane's Hazel Tea Shop

This will in all likelihood be a short post because I've already covered the Gold Coast branch here. My friend Josh and I were wandering around the city on a shopping trip (or, rather I think I was shopping and he was a poor victim of circumstance) and we decided to get some tea.

I had a very upsetting experience earlier on in the day where I poured the very last of my change (handful of pathetic shrapnel) into purchasing myself a chocolate frappe. I got a paper and sat down to enjoy and being my uncoordinated self, knocked the whole cup over before I even took one sip.

I was about to cry!

Instead, recomposed and called the guy over to let him know about the mess I made. He looked at my table with a pitiful expression and said 'um...' and for a split second, I thought that I'd be getting a replacement as a charity case. Instead, he finishes with a 'could you please move so I can clean this table?'


This is why I thought I deserved some tea. We went into Hazel because I liked it when I was at the coast. We spotted that they had board games and the system is that you swap your driver's license for a game, as a deposit.

I chose Jenga on the grounds that Uno is multiplayer, Monopoly takes too long and because I haven't actually played Jenga before.

Since this is a food blog I should mention what we bought. I ummed and ahhed over a few options and changed my mind when I saw a sign on the wall for strawberry lagoon tea which is one of their scented iced teas. Odd description but it's quite representative of the tea. I'm not sure if it's because I asked for next to no sugar (you can customize the sugar level) but my tea tasted almost entirely of 'fragrance' with no flavor. Am I making any sense?

I can't even remember what Josh got... ironic since he asked me to choose for him. I think it was a mango milk tea? He said it was good in any case.

Top of tower precariously teetering over one block

Back to Jenga... don't borrow this game if you like to stay unnoticed whilst sipping your tea. Every time our tower came tumbling down, there would be a colossal bang of wooden blocks and a frantic/embarrassing fumble for pieces that scattered around the floor. Still good fun though!

This is our tallest tour

In case anyone cares, I lost.

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