Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lunch at Char Char Yiros

Char Char Yiros

I always thought of Char Char Yiros as being only a takeaway store but my friend Nina told me that their meat platters were to die for. I decided to give them a try a couple of weeks ago when Marc's folks came to visit. We went to Char Char for lunch and were pleased to find they had onsite parking. Marc and I normally dread trying to find a park around that dining hub so it was a relief to not have to spend ages hunting.

Char Char must have revamped since I last went there (which might have been just for a yiros x years ago) because it definitely seemed more like a proper little restaurant than a takeaway joint. It's still a small space though, and most of the tables are outside.

Charcoal platter

Our group went for the easy option of Charcoal Platter with the addition of calamari. The platter came with flatbread, dips, lamb and chicken and hot chips. I didn't get much of the bread because it was just beyond reach and also, there were much more interesting things to eat. One opinion voiced at our table is that the chicken and lamb were overcooked and as a result, tasted quite similar. I did think the meat was drier than it should have been. The chips were golden and crunchy and the salad was simple but done well.

Calamari with flatbread

The calamari was the marinated variety rather than the crumbed or battered kind. I'm not a fan of calamari cooked in this way so I didn't try any. Marc thought it was alright.

I liked the quantity of food at our Char Char banquet. The restaurant was very relaxed and ideal of weekend lunches with family. My gripe is with the chicken and lamb being overcooked, which took away from 2 otherwise flavoursome plates of meat.
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