Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lunch at 3buns

Shop 2, 100 Creek Street (Gresham Lane), Brisbane CBD

The saga of my failings with Jamie's Italy continues... Marc and I tried to go again for lunch last week and there was another estimated 30 minute wait. I know, I know. We should've made a booking. I'm just so lazy nowadays I hate committing myself to anything. To book a food date at Jamie's would mean knowing I'm in the mood for it at least a month and a half in advance. I'm more likely to know on the day if I can be bothered to force myself out of the house.

Too hungry to wait 30 minutes, I suggested we check out Gresham Lane instead. I considered Red Hook but decided to try somewhere I hadn't been before, because I'm sure you can all see I'm short on material to review for this blog. 3buns is a small vendor that sells Bun Mobile style burgers, using steamed bun to enclose the filling instead of conventional bread. For variety's sake, they also have the option of substituting with a regular bun, rice or salad (for the carb conscious).

Marc and I chose a bun each. There was very sparse onsite seating, only 3 x 2 people tables that were all taken up. We sneaked into a nearby food court to enjoy our food.

Char siu belly - classic soft, brittle and juicy, from the moist pork belly, with chilled cucumber, asian pickle and roast sesame nuts

On first inspection, the buns looked generous and fresh. The worst thing that can happen when you unwrap a burger is to find it to be sad, squished and empty. This wasn't the case here with my bun fluffy and hot (evidence of being freshly steamed) and bursting with filling.

Bite shot of char siu bun

The filling in mine was described as char siu belly but wasn't like the conventional red bbq pork product you pick up from Asian butchers. It was more like a sweet braised pork. Combined with the tangy pickle and nutty garnish, it went perfectly with the steamed bun to create a well rounded one hand meal.

Steak bun - Texas specialty brisket, spice rubbed and slowly oven roasted and braised into smokey onion BBQ jus, pickled and crisp lettuce

Marc chose the steak option, which to his surprised didn't contain a slab of steak (if he had read the description he would have known what to expect). It was sliced slow-cooked beef brisket with onion, BBQ sauce and lettuce. I tried a bit of his and whilst it was nice, it didn't have the full punch of flavour as mine did. I think the char siu version better showcases how good a steamed bun burger can taste. Beef just seemed less complimentary.

We both liked our buns from 3buns. Marc needed a second meal after this, which was an issue we had at Bun Mobile too (maybe we're just too piggy). I'd be eager to try some other filling options but the char siu bun I had was ace.
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