Monday, May 11, 2015

Flour and Chocolate for Baked Treats

Flour and Chocolate Patisserie

This is the story of just what length I would go to for good food. I follow Flour and Chocolate on Instagram and their feed is like baking inception for my mind. Every day, I log on and check their uploads and get drawn in by tantalizing photos of freshly baked brownies, golden cronuts (they call them gonuts) and sugar-crusted donuts. Seeing them on screen is one thing. Actually buying them is a whole other ball game. I was most interested in the donuts and gonuts and these are made on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Furthermore, due to demand they tend to be sold out quite early on so you aren't guaranteed anything. It was a work of tactics and timing to score what I wanted.

Flour and Chocolate is located on Wynnum Road in Morningside, which is a bit of a drive for me, made worst by the fact that it's not really on the way to or from anywhere else that I go to. I made a special trip there last week after learning on the down low through Instagram that they would be making donuts on Friday as well. It was quiiiiittteee an adventure. Imagine driving through East Brisbane opposite morning peak traffic, which would have been FINE if I didn't miss a turn and then have to go WITH the peak traffic for a block. Argh, what a nightmare.

I finally got to Flour and Chocolate and was soothed by its welcoming glow and racks upon racks of baked goods. There was a slight queue but it was actually an ideal wait because it allowed me some time to decide what I wanted to buy. When it was my turn to order, I had a clear idea and chose a couple of donuts, a savoury tart and a flourless brownie.

Vanilla custard and salted caramel filled donuts

There's no space to eat food on the premise so I unraveled my goodies in my car and scoffed down half a donut right then and there. I tried the vanilla custard-filled donut for myself. The donut part was soft and fluffy with just the right amount of chew.

Bite shot of custard-filled donut

The outside was giving and generously coated with sugar crystals, giving each bite a bit of crunch that I liked. The custard was creamy and had a good consistency but I think this donut would have been better eaten warm. I was too impatient to wait until getting home to use the microwave and unfortunately for me, Marc demolished the salted caramel-filled donut before I had a chance to try it.

Mixed vegetable tart

The next item I tasted was the mini savoury tart. There were a few flavours available and I chose the mixed vegetable. I ate this straight from the fridge and liked it very much. I find with savoury tarts and quiches I normally prefer them cool rather than warm because they're firmer. The pastry shell was beautifully buttery and short. One tart was perfect lunch size for me.

Gluten free chocolate brownie

I saved the brownie for morning tea at work. It worked wonders in breaking up my day and adding some excitement. The brownie is LARGE and very rich so I should have only eaten half. I told myself I would only have half. I ended up eating the whole thing. Oddly I didn't feel sick afterwards like I thought I would. Good brownies have the consistency of chocolate x cake and this one was so packed with flavour and 'nutrients' (read: 'calories') it felt physically heavy in the hand... yet I ate it all and felt fine. This is how I know I have a real food intake problem. Self-pity aside, the brownie was delicious. I've already mentioned the delightful denseness and the intense chocolatiness. There were surprise pops of actual chocolate that I loved.

I really enjoyed the baked treats I purchased from Flour and Chocolate. My first visit was a bit of a struggle but in the end I thought it was worth it. They are obviously a popular bakery but what I loved, and really appreciated was the excellent customer service. The ladies behind the counter have smiles switched on and despite getting asked what flavoured tarts/donuts/whatever they have that day by every person who walks up to them, the friendly attitude never falters.

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