Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sugar highs from Mister Fitz

Mister Fitz, Fortitude Valley
1 Little Street, Fortitude Valley

I can think of few examples of social media campaigning more successful than Mister Fitz. Even before it had officially opened, there was online hype everywhere. I would suggest that part of why the message spread so loudly is that Mister Fitz produces some of the most Instagram-worthy desserts imaginable. It's interesting that the most popular uploads, at least on my feed, are a combination of new and trendy green/raw/organic #fitspo diet dishes and the most diabetic amalgamations of donuts, ice-cream, sundaes and more. These monster desserts are taking over the world and in a year where every form of croissant hybrid has been and gone (cronut, cruffin etc), Mister Fitz managed to intrigue us with something that hasn't been done to death... the humble ice-cream sandwich.

Except, here, it isn't a simple vanilla-between-two-wafers affair at all. These are the ice-cream sandwiches of your wildest dreams and its easy to see why posts with people proudly selfying with their Mister Fitz creations garnered so many likes and online interest.

I love ice-cream but I have a fear of over-sweetness in dessert. I tend to avoid thickshakes and anything too fancy with oozings of chocolate sauce but like all other red blooded women, I can't help but mentally swoon over anything pretty and desserty. We headed to Mister Fitz after dinner at Les Bubbles.

As I mentioned in my other post, this was a Tuesday night so I didn't expect the place to be very busy. There wasn't a huge line but still, a surprising number of patrons were out getting their sweet fix.

The system at Mister Fitz is such: they have soft serves and thickshakes on the menu but the 'must try' is their ice-cream sandwich. You pick out what you want to sandwich your icecream out of a range of baked on-site cookies, pick out the ice-cream flavour you want in between and then if you really want to indulge yourself, add a topping. Toppings include such artery cloggers as candied bacon, mini pretzels and fries.

My pick of the evening was a choc chip cookie sandwich with peanut butter and jelly ice-cream and pretzel topping. The lady who served me was very generous with her ice-cream dishing and the entire creation was almost too big to hold onto. I definitely couldn't eat it like an ice-cream sandwich. Luckily, they give you a spoon. This ice-cream sandwich was everything I expected it to be: sugary, rich, creamy, indulgent and texturally balanced with elements of crunchy and chewy. It was also way too much for me. I think I lasted 1/4 of the way through and packed the rest up to take home. Amazingly it hadn't melted by the time we reached the freezer.

Marc chose the mini M and M cookies with milk and cookie ice-cream and Oreo topping. It was cookie overload! He made more progress with his ice-cream sandwich but also had to save about 1/3 for later.

Mister Fitz delivers exactly what you expect. The ice-cream sandwiches are generous, extravagant and very, very sweet. I personally don't have the sugar tolerance for one whole ice-cream sandwich. We definitely could have gotten away with sharing one. Now that my curiosity is satiated I can't imagine wanting to go back for a second serve. However, I can't speak for the youngsters of today. For better or for worst they might have a higher threshold for junk desserts.
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