Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lunch at Madtongsan IV

Madtongsan IV
Market Square, Corner Main Road and McCullough Street, Sunnybank

When I was studying in the city, I was a fairly regular attendee of the Madtongsan franchise. The Sunnybank branch has been open for a long time now but last month was my first time trying it out.

I was starting to come down with a cold and my remedy for sore throat is always, always spicy soup. To some that may seem counter-intuitive but for me chili is the best medicine.

We drove down to Market Square on a Friday at lunch time. I thought it might have been really busy around there but it actually wasn't too bad. I guess there's just so many restaurants that it's easy to get a table no matter which one you pick.

Once we were seated we started looking through the menu. There's lots on offer but Marc and I focused on the lunch specials. I already knew what I wanted so we put an order down ASAP.

Seafood pancake

We chose a large seafood pancake to share, which ended up being too big considering we had a main each as well. The pancake might have been tasty but the batter consistency wasn't to our liking. Marc and I prefer crunchy Korean pancakes or at least, minimal batter to content ratio. This version was soggy and eggy.

Korean spicy beef stew

My main was much more palatable. I ordered the spicy beef soup, which came with a little bowl of rice. The soup was packed with content and spice and best of all, I felt instantly nourished and vitalized. I admit the latter is probably placebo but even if there are no medically proven studies that show the effect Korean soup cures colds, I can say that at the least my soul and taste buds were soaring. I still think I enjoy Korean seafood stews more but I order that all the time so it was nice to try something different.

Pork bibimbap

Marc ordered a pork bibimbap in an effort to be healthy. I always think of bibimbap as the ultimate, well-rounded Asian meal with a perfect balance of rice, veggies and meat. Best of all, it tastes amazing. I could eat this stuff every day for the rest of my life.

We enjoyed the food at Madtongsan IV. It's not quite as good at the other Madtongsan locations (the ones in the city) but it's easily accessible to us and with the lunch specials, very cheap. There are, however, plenty of Korean restaurants in Brisbane though so I'm not sure that there's enough going for it for us to be back, especially considering the parking situation around Market Square.
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