Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vietnam Corner

Vietnam Corner
Shop 140, Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre, Cnr Main Rd and McCullough St, Sunnybank

Last day of clinic down in the Southside... we had a mini party with scones, cakes, chips and lollies (all the good stuff) but decided to go one further and stop off for Asian food on the way back to the city.

Vietnamese food is one of those cuisines where you have the option of going 'lighter' or at least, it tastes kind of light and fresh. So when you want more but barely have the room for it, this is not a bad option.

There are plenty of Vietnamese food offerings down at Sunnybank and I've been to most. I like Vietnam Corner because the environment is quite clean, the quality is reliable and there's a huge double-sided menu to chose from.

We went as a large-ish group and that just means more photos for me.

Drinks to start with - nothing real creative here. A glass of apple juice and one of lemon lime bitters.

Lemon lime bitters

Apple juice

Each of us ordered a menu item... photos are below:

Pho Tai - beef rice noodle soup

Banh Canh Gio Heo - pig's trotter with rice starch noodle soup

Hu Tieu Dai Ga Chien Don - crispy chicken rice stick noodle soup

Hu Tieu Dai Suon Nuong Xa - lemongrass pork rice stick noodle soup

Pho Dac Biet - beef special rice noodle soup

The verdict on the rice stick noodle soup was that the soup base was a bit too oily. However, the accompanying lemongrass pork was deemed extremely flavorsome and preferable to the crispy chicken. I actually order lemongrass pork a fair bit so the crispy chicken was a welcome change for me, especially with the dipping sauce.

The pho was quite good - what you'd expect really. There was a nice quantity of beef and the meat itself was thin and tender. The serving was way too huge for me to finish but that equates to good value.

I liked the rice starch noodles, or as I like to think of them: the fat noodles. I hadn't really eaten anything like it before so the chewy texture was novel and appealing. The notion of pig trotters in soup might sound grotty to some but really, in this dish you would hardly know they were pig trotters. Relax! Try it!

I've been to Vietnam Corner plenty of times with friends and family alike and it's left a pretty good impression on me. There's a great range of food to choose from. If you're not in the mood for Vietnamese but your mate dragged you there, you can flip the menu over for barbecue meat options. There are also really cheap combo deals between certain time slots. Worth checking out if you're in the area.

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  1. Nice review Cora. I completely agree and particularly enjoyed my vietnamese lemon lime and bitters.