Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yum Cha at Big Gun

Yum Cha at Big Gun
Shop 7/2922 Logan Rd, Underwood

When I last wrote a post for Big Gun, I had a huge response from friends and blog readers alike, claiming that my experience wasn't representative of their standards. The resounding statement was 'but their yum cha was good'. I was nearly so put off by the poor quality of dishes we ordered that I thinking 'STUFF THE YUM CHA' but my duty as an accurate (not rageful) food blogger drove me to give it a go.

All in the pursuit of the truth.

So, last week when mum and dad were thinking about where to go for lunch, I threw Big Gun into the mix of options and that's what they ran with.

We didn't make a booking and were lucky to get a table because the place was pretty packed. After we were seated, a queue started forming so there's a heads up: they're really popular around lunch time.

Below are the items we chose of the carts. I heard from one of my readers (Bonnie) that they make things you don't see in other yum cha places. We went with a few safe classics and I also picked this eggplant dish I've never seen before.

Pork ribs

Glutinous fried rice

Egg tarts

BBQ pork ho fun

Salted pork and century egg congee

Giant chicken steamed bun

Inside of chicken bun

Braised chicken feet

Eggplant ball dish

Almond jelly with fruit

Of all the plates, I didn't like the pork ribs (too bland) or the giant steamed bun much. Everything else was very well made. Fresh, hot and tasty. I really liked that obscure eggplant thing too. There isn't much in the way of service at yum cha because everything tends to be quite rushed but I got a good impression of the service here. I already thought positively of the service last visit but at the yum cha, we were asking around for chicken feet and then someone remembered that we wanted some so came and brought it over... that was nice.

In short, I'm glad I went back to Big Gun to try their yum cha. It was a nice experience and I'd recommend others to go there. In fact, we nearly did go back another time since then but their night time yum cha started too late and my friends were hungry :).
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  1. I'm glad you tried their yum cha and think it's good! :D I guess it just goes to show that even in one restaurant, there are very variable standards across different times and dishes.

  2. Thanks for this review! How do their prices compare to other yum cha places, like Landmark Restaurant in Sunnybank and Addiction Cafe in Garden City, for example?

  3. i just came back from a late night big gun yum cha session! it was good!! their raddish cake and prawn dumpling r my fav and OMG if u want ultimate indulgence (without the consideration of fattiness) you have to get the polo bun with bbq pork inside!

  4. Hi Bonnie...
    I completely agree. I've learnt the hard way before that when you go to any restaurant, try their specialty/what their famous for. Last night I ordered bacon spaghetti from a Japanese restaurant. A silly mistake that's left me oily-faced and queasy.

    Hi Anonymous...
    I'm not TOO sure about the pricing (a 'flaw' of eating out with parents) but I imagine it's around the same as Landmark. From memory, Addiction Cafe was a bit pricier for the same 'size' of plate? I always find yum cha to be better value than sushi train though.

    Hi mochi...
    Tanya was right about the yum cha, hey? I love radish cake, wish I got some of that. No idea what the polo bun is but sounds great. We should all go for late night some time.

  5. I'm glad to hear you liked it too! I just googled "polo bun", I didn't know what they were called and I haven't had them at Big Gun - might try them next time! I really like their congee, and I always finish up with some coconut jelly! :)

    I also like the triangular pastry pork buns - do you know what they are called? All I know in Cantonese is "har gao" and "siu mai"! The important things! :)

  6. Lara:
    I love them as well! They are called "char siu so" in Cantonese.

  7. The food is average.. It's not ALL that great. I prefer yumcha at sunnybank plaza where they roll around the food on trolleys and you pick which food you want. The service wasn't that great either. We waited quite a while for the food to come out and it wasn't our whole order either.