Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano

Last weekend, part of my mad dash around Brisbane involved a stop-over at Rosalie for Mexican food. I met up with my buddy Josh after parking in a rediculous spot on a hill and melting in the walk down to Nash Street (yep, I can feel it's Summer now). I actually convinced him to walk back to my car with me and move it to a better location. Have I mentioned I'm terrible at parking?

We decided to sit indoors for air-conditioning. It was just after 1pm on Sunday and the restaurant was rather quiet. We were both starving and couldn't wait to start eating.

The menu contained some usual Mexican offerings as well as a couple of unusual fusion dishes.

Coyote balls - crumbed chorizo meatballs filled with cheese, served with ranch sauce

For entrees, Josh requested the coyote balls. I think it was the combination of 'meat', 'cheese' and 'ranch sauce' that did it for him. Well, I'm glad he chose these because they were radical! This is my idea of party finger food. It was everything as described. Nothing posh or refined but they sure went down a treat.

Beef burrito, chicken enchilada and chili con queso dip

In a fit of smart thinking, Josh and I decided to share a combination plate. I let him choose (I wasn't feeling very decisive that day) and he selected one with a beef burrito, chicken enchilada and a cheese dip.

Burrito and enchilada close-up

We discussed briefly the difference between burrito and enchilada (I think I worked out it was the wrap that distinguished the 2). They were both very tasty and much less processed/artificial than say, Montezumas.

I wasn't a huge fan of the cheese dip though. Firstly, the idea of it makes me feel queasy and secondly, the consistency was of molten cheese (der) which doesn't grip onto cornchips that well! Josh seemed to like it though. Well, he finished it. I don't know if that's the same thing :).

I can not believe I was even considering ordering the combination plate for myself, solo. That would've been rather ambitious! As it was, I found myself marvelling at Josh's ability to polish that giant plate of food off.

We liked the environment in Rosa Mexicano. It was kinda... nice, like 'calming and festive' instead of all out festive. Imagine siesta by the water. Only, there weren't many people there. For certain kinds of food, that is actually a good thing but for Mexican, it's nice to be in a small crowd. That's my point of view anyway.
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