Friday, April 27, 2012

Singapore 2 - Kraze Burgers

Kraze Burgers 

This is my first, full overease restaurant review of this recent trip. It didn't take long (maybe 2-3 days?) before I started craving Western food over noodle and rice dishes. Shameful, isn't it? I was day-dreaming about Grill'd when I spied this burger store in the Maria Bay Sands Shopping Centre food court. There are other burger stores like this, by which I mean they're burger stores with an Asian origin and theme. MOS Burger (now in Brisbane) is another such example.

Kraze Burgers has an interesting fitting that's a cross between Western steakhouse and fast food outlet with elements of American comic strip thrown in. I liked it!

The menu has a lot in the way of options. As well as burgers, you can get some meal plates, salads and subs. There are a few central burger items plus a selection of sides. You can see the Asian influences in the menu options with descriptions such as: black rice bun, power amino mango sauce (don't ask; I have no idea), multi-vitamin energy sauce (again, don't ask) and tofu burger patties.
We stayed semi-conservative. I went out on a limb with the KG burger (with bulgogi sauce) whilst Marc chose something less innovate yet also potentially risky: the Maximum chili burger.

KG Burger - a Korean style barbequed beef patty, bacon, lettuce, homemade pickles, fresh tomato added with a unique bulgogi sauce, along with mushrooms on a whole wheat bun 

My understanding is that Kraze Burgers has Korean origins. That would certainly make sense of the bulgogi burger I tried. It's described as having a Korean-style barbecued beef pattie but I couldn't distinguish it from regular beef patties aside from maybe a bit of extra sweetness. That could have also been attributed to the bulgolgi sauce, which was delicious!


The burger was huge and came with layers of lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, mushrooms and what I thought was zucchini at the time but now know is pickles. The whole wheat bun was alright - nothing standout.

Layer shot 

Accompanying the burger was a small dollop of pasta salad. It didn't really fit the meal for me (too many carby things) and I didn't think it was a jaw-dropping pasta salad on its own either.

Hot Maximum Burger - with grilled bacon, fresh tomato slice, fresh onion slice and cheese and 100% pure beef patty 

Marc's a spice whore so he was excited to read about a burger that 'is for the person who seeks hot and spicy flavors'. It was another large burger, with plenty of bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT?) as well as an ominous red-looking sauce. He tried some and declared it wasn't that hot.

Chili layer shot 

I didn't have a go so I don't know how accurate his description is. He does have a very high spice tolerance. But then again, this burger was described as 'Maximum hot' and I suppose we know it wasn't that.

Idaho garlic fries 

As a side, we ordered the Idaho garlic fries. They were thick-cut battered fries SMOTHERED with an artistic squiggle of tomato sauce, mayonnaise and garlic sauce. I went easy on these fries because of my aversion to garlic. I think that on their own and plain, they would've been alright.

The selection at Kraze Burger was pretty cool but we weren't overally impressed by their burgers. They were good but not WOW amazing. I think I'd still prefer Grill'd.

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