Monday, December 15, 2014

Raw Pawpaw for Lunch

Raw Pawpaw

With 8 months to go until my wedding, I am (to nobody I know's surprise) transforming into quite the Bridezilla. I'm naturally a very OCD and detailed planner and with wedding planning, it's no exception. I went into the whole thing with an attempted relaxed attitude but as the big day gets closer, I find I'm starting to obsess over every tiny detail.

One thing that became a minor headache was hair and makeup. Not to bore everyone with details but basically I had one place booked but I've since lost confidence in them and had to find another. I went for a consult in New Farm last week and dragged Jenny along with me for moral support (non-brides have a much clearer head when it comes to decision-making). Because everything is made better with food, we continued on for lunch afterwards.

Raw Pawpaw was a place that excited me very much when it first opened. I go through intermittent phases of being 'healthy' where I try to focus on exercise and clean eating and at the time, I was crazy about any new clean eating venue in Brisbane. Right now, I couldn't care less about what I put in my mouth.  I haven't exercised in at least a couple of months and my recent attempt on the weekend lead me to nearly faint twice in public.

I wouldn't have gone to Raw Pawpaw if it only served raw, healthy cuisine. However, it's not one of 'those types' of places and you can be assured there is meat and cooked foods on the menu.

The venue is small but easy to spot on Methyr Road. There were a couple of tables outdoors and in and we parked on a bench inside. I follow Raw Pawpaw on Instagram so I saw when the benches were freshly painted and can confirm they look just as cute in real life.

LA bagel - toasted bagel with smoked salmon, lemon and herb cream cheese

I was tempted by the curry of the day but having just devoured a cupcake at my makeup consult, my appetite wasn't up for it. I went for the lighter option of smoked salmon bagel instead. I like the taste and concept of filled bagels but always find them a challenge to eat. Having had trauma to most of my front teeth and being a wearer of braces (for a different reason) means I don't have much use for my cutting teeth. Bagels are a b* to cut up with a knife and fork. I sort of just tore my way through it. I'm sure that non-tooth-handicapped people would have eaten this with much more class. The combination of salmon and cream cheese is always a classic. One could argue that this is an easy dish to whip up at home but seriously, if you're going to have that kind of attitude you may as well stay home *shrug*.

Vegetarian burger - crumbed eggplant, with iceburg lettuce, tomato, onion and beetroot relish, plus a side of sweet potato chips

Jenny's pick was the vegetarian burger. There was the option of tofu or eggplant as filling and she chose the later. I love eggplant but never think of it as a 'healthy' option because for eggplant to be tasty, it needs to be cooked in lots of oil. This was another example of that fact. When Jenny picked up her burger to bite, oil literally dripped out onto her serving board. Aside from that she also commented on general lack of flavour.

On the plus side, the sweet potato chips were really, really good. They were crunchier than most sweet potato chips I've tasted and had the perfect amount of seasoning. A big bowl of this with Japanese mayo would have been heavenly.

I'm a bit on the fence about Raw Pawpaw. The veggie burger was a disappointment. The sweet potato chips were great. My bagel was nice but nothing special. Jenny mentioned that she had tried the slices on previous visits and would definitely recommend them. I like the sound of their smoothies and acai bowls but they are getting up a bit in price so I would only order one as a meal replacement rather than an addition to a meal.
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