Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boom Boom Burgers, Gold Coast for Lunch

Boom Boom Burgers

Marc and I spent the past weekend at the Gold Coast, our favourite spot for short trips away. Although the weather was less than desirable, we still had a merry time filling our bellies with food and drink. One of the activities we had scheduled was a visit to newly opened burger joint Boom Boom Burgers.

I recently received an invite to try the menu at Boom Boom Burgers and because burgers are one of our most loved food types, we were eager to jump on board. Boom Boom Burgers is located on Chevron Island just off the main thoroughfare street. It was easy to find and there was plenty of public parking available around.

We spotted a few outdoor tables but because the clouds were threatening rain, we figured we'd be cozier indoors. The decor is quite funky with colourful mounted cows heads, exposed bricks and a graffiti mural. There are even paint pens for you to sign the wall if you wish.

Boom Boom Burgers is licensed so there are beers and wines on offer. We went for a jug of Big Head by the Burleigh Brewery.

The menu comprises of a great variety of burgers, with all the imaginable proteins (beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish and vegetarian) as well as non-burger options, salads and sides. I spotted a dessert section too but by the end of our meal we were so full we could barely walk, let alone fit any sweets in.

If the burgers sound a bit fancier than your average takeaway joint, it's because the brain behind the Boom Boom selection is Michelin-starred head chef of Absynthe French Restaurant, Meyjitte Boughenout. The brioche buns are baked fresh daily and only top notch organic beef is used.

Onion rings

Marc and I ordered a burger each, and some onion rings and fries to share. The onion rings arrived first. These were freshly cooked and piping hot to touch. Good onion rings are so basic but so good. The batter here was tempura-light and crunchy. The onion rings had the right amount of seasoning and went well with both sauces we chose (aioli and chipotle mayonnaise, at $1 extra each).

Smoking Hot - smoked 150 days old aged beef, mushrooms, cucumber, spinach, cheddar, secret sauce

Our burgers and fries arrived next. Marc chose the signature Smoking Hot burger, which was recommended to us. This was presented under a cloudy-filled cloche, which was lifted upon presentation to reveal a gorgeous, generously-sized burger.

Burger unveiled!

Marc and I shared our burgers so we got to taste a bit of each others. The Smoking Hot was our favourite. Theatrics aside, it actually did have a distinct smoky flavour. The beef patty was so juicy and tasty, and well-complimented by the spinach, mushrooms and melty cheese. I don't often find mushrooms in a burger but I really liked them here.

The Drunken Cow - soaked eye fillet in whisky, tomato chutney, seeded mustard, vintage cheddar, rocket, onions

My choice was The Drunken Cow. This comprised of a whiskey-soaked eye fillet, tomato chutney, wholegrain mustard, cheddar cheese and rocket. As with the Smoking Hot burger, I loved the brioche bun. I am always disappointed by burgers that don't come on brioche buns. In my mind, that's a backyard burger and restaurants should do one better. Brioche can at times be too sweet or too heavy but these ones were light and fluffy and not too sugary.

Bite shot of Drunken Cow

The steak was very tender, which is important when in a burger or sandwhich. There's nothing worst than taking a bite and ending up with a chewy bit of meat that won't tear through. The problem we identified here was an excess of wholegrain mustard. I like mustard but here, it overpowered the other flavours. I ended up scraping some off and thought the result was much better.

Crispy fries

There are three options for fried potato on the menu: puffed potato, hand cut chips and crispy fries. We ordered the crispy fries and they were indeed crispy but somewhat thicker than what I normally think of as fries. I wonder what the hand cut chips look like. These were cooked to a lovely golden colour and again, went well with the dips we had ordered. Ordering two sides was probably excessive though because Marc and I are big eaters but even we couldn't finish the fries.

The only disappointing thing about Boom Boom Burgers is that it isn't near us, in Brisbane! You lucky Gold Coast folks, you. This is the kind of burger joint that I would visit often. The menu is varied and affordable and the food is plentiful and tasty. Best of all, you can order booze too. Burgers and beer is a recipe for a great day. We found the service to be friendly and the food came out at a good pace. I definitely recommend this place for anyone living at or heading down to the Goldie.
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  1. Wow the unveiled burger photo got me salivating for good and I will definitely ensure I get to try it for myself should I be around Gold Coast anytime soon. I have to admit though the description of an aged piece of beef did not really entice me at first, but I guess I have to try it myself to know what seasoned meat really has got to offer.