Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Rustico Base from Pizza Capers

New Rustico Base from Pizza Capers

A couple of weeks ago, I heard some exciting news. Pizza Capers was releasing a new thin base option in their rage, called the Rustico. I much prefer thin based pizza to thick and it always bugged me that my favourite fast food pizza chain, Pizza Capers, didn't offer that on their menu. Much to my delight, I was given a voucher to trial of a Rustico pizza of my choice.

Alfunghi on Rustico base and Seafood Barcelona on Classico base

I figured that more simple toppings would work better on a thinner base so I chose the Alfunghi. We also ordered a Clasico base Seafood Barcelona for Marc.

The Rustico was visibly thinner than the Classico. I liked that the crust was nice and crunchy. The base itself was light and not too doughy but in my case, slightly weighed down by the toppings. Perhaps I should have chosen an even simpler pizza variety. It was still a delicious combination.

I can normally eat 3 Classico slices but with the Rustico, I can probably down 4 to reach fullness. I like to think that this is a low carb option. That makes it healthy, right? Click here to order yours today!

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