Friday, November 13, 2015

Pop Up Degustations by Prodigy Chef Cody McKavanagh

Pop Up Degustations by Cody McKavanagh

I thought last Thursday night was just going to be another non-event pretending to be Friday night (but ending with disappointment). I was trawling through Facebook when a random message alert came up. A Sydney-based chef, Dre Kang alerted to me an incredibly special series of food events happening in Brisbane early 2016.

Chef Cody McKavanagh of Warwick upbringing (Queeeeeenslaaaanderrrrr) is not an average teenager. Rather than being proficient at sleeping in, late night Maccas runs and computer games like I was at that age, he has already trained at some of Australia's top restaurants including Quay, Aria and Rockpool. Most impressively (at least to me), he has done a stint under renowned fantasy chef Heston Blumenthal at Fat Duck, one of the most highly rated restaurants world wide. That's mighty impressive for a 19 year old.

Next year, he is bringing a taste of what he's learned to Brisbane via 2 huge degustation nights. The events are themed with the first being an 8 course plant-based vegan degustation (link here) and the second being a Willy Wonka themed 8 course degustation (link here) with matching cocktails per course.

Eeeeeep!!! You had me at 'pop up degustation' but the cocktails sealed the deal. I'm an omnivore though I do enjoy vegetarian meals every now and again. I'm curious about the vegan degustation but stomach capacity suggests I should only choose one event. I went for the latter because come on, Willy Wonka themed... who knows what kind of magically delicious food concoctions this could entail?

Lots on the horizon for this young gentleman

Disclaimer, I was invited to this event to blog about my experience but in all honesty, I would have bought a ticket and popped along anyway. This kind of quirky dinner experience is right up my alley. To add weight to my claim, I encouraged husband Marc and foodie partner-in-crime Jenny to buy tickets and come along with me. I'm tempted to spread the news among my friends and crowd the 40 person venue with my own entourage but I'm unselfishly pronouncing this news to the public. This is a rare and unique opportunity to experience some creative dishes in a fun pop up environment. I for one am sure keen to sample the works of one of Australia's upcoming super chefs.

If you're vegan, vegetarian or just want to experience a meal honoring delicious, humble and natural plant life, be sure to book tickets to the 8 Course Vegan Degustation on Sunday 7th February, 2016.

If you're curious to try a more experimental and exciting meal, the Willy Wonka Degustation on Sunday 21st February, 2016 would be right up your alley. Book here as they places are selling out fast so make sure you score a seat. And make sure you say Hi to me :).

If you're undecided, just book both. That's a safe bet.

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