Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yum Cha gone WILD

Bi Feng Tang, WuJiaoChang (Shanghai, China)

This is the first of my China-trip restaurant entries and I chose Bi Feng Tang to start with because a) that's what I happened to upload onto this computer and b) it's a franchise (i.e. slightly more relevant to you readers in Australia).

I went to Bi Feng Tang on my last day in Shanghai with a huge group of family and extended family. We ordered a lot of food so I'm not going to run through a personal review of each and every dish.

Overall, the menu selection was pleasing, the food was good quality and tasty. Service was prompt and efficient and the restaurant layout was clean and open. The place was super packed and when we left, I noticed a line of people waiting for a table. In China, the popularity of a restaurant is a key indicator of how good it is. In this case, I'd say Bi Feng Tang is right up there.

Sweet treats

Sesame balls with red bean filling
Square custard bunsPink mochi
Mango pudding
Osmanthus and red bean jelly
Portuguese-style egg tarts

Savoury Choices

Crystal shrimp dumplings
Flaky beef puffsSpring rollsBlack bean pork ribs with sweet potatoCombination platter of barbequed meats
Beef meat ballsFish crusted with dried shrimp
Deep fried sea crustacean
Deep fried duck chins
Crispy quailLobok strips with jellyfishVegetable with fermented bean-curd sauceSteamed vegetable with hoisin sauce

This meal had us all stuffed to the neck and there was still food left over! Yum cha in Brisbane hardly compares with the generic supermarket varieties.

Bi Feng Tang has built an international reputation for good yum cha and it's well deserved.

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