Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wine & Cheese with a Killer View

Cellar Door - Sirromet Winery, Mount Cotton

If you've never been to Sirromet Winery, it's definitely a lovely place to visit. There's the main restaurant that serves fine dishes and breakfast on the deck. The atmosphere of Sirromet is wonderful - the view is refreshing and the clientele is always a perfect blend of refined yet casual.
My parents (particularly my mother) enjoy going to scenic locations for tea... we've been known to drive for an hour or so to Mount Tamborine just for breakfast. They found Sirromet a few years ago but 08, I noticed the winery getting more publicity in magazines and on TV.

One time, we tried to eat at the Restaurant Lureens for Mother's Day but it was so crowded. If you want to go for a special occasion, you really must book! On that day, we were redirected by friendly staff to try the adjacent venue: Cellar Door.
Cellar Door has a more relaxed eating style. It concentrates primarily on wines and you're welcome to take tasting tours. However, there is also a nice selection of cafe-style food to accompany your wine and together, this makes for a perfect meal to have whilst soaking in the atmosphere or enjoy the view.
I've tried the cheese platter on 2 occasions. It is a decidedly economical choice. After all, I've attempted putting together my own cheese platters and you'd be surprised at how much the bits and pieces add up! The platter at Cellar Door is about $25 and includes a variety of King Island cheeses plus crackers, savory sticks and preserved fruit to compliment.
The baguette was less stand-out but tasted good all the same. I once tried their plate of strawberries too... not sure if this was a seasonal option but the strawberries were something out of a fairytale. Picture perfect and tasted just as good: sweet, juicy, succulent and HUGE.

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