Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breakfast at Sassafras


I admit to going through phases with my blog. Whilst there are periods of up to months that I lose enthusiasm and reduce my writing, I've also had bouts of feverish, once-a-day post updates. These past few weeks, I've been very involved, filling my weekend food slots with new venues, and spending my weekdays writing new reviews. Overall, this blog has been my most consistent and enduring hobby throughout my entire life.

Last weekend, Kat and I caught up at a cafe of my choosing, Sassafras in Paddington. As is usual for me, I arrived early and due to a hiccup in her schedule, she got there a bit late. By the time Kat arrived, I was starving so I left her to peruse the menu and got up to order my food. When we swapped places for her to order, she ended up getting the same thing as me albeit with fried eggs on white toast rather than scrambled eggs on organic toast. I have a rule where I'd like to have at least 2 different food items to write a complete post. I made the executive decision that eggs done two ways wasn't different enough so I ended up returning to Sassafras for breakfast again the next day. A bit crazy, yes? But I like to think I'm dedicated:).

When I first set eyes on Sassafras, I thought it was a cute cafe. The vibrant purple exterior is hard to miss and quite inviting too. There are a couple of rooms inside with tables for eating in. Out the back, there is a reasonably large outdoor dining space too. I set-up in the second room both times I went there because it was more quiet and homely.

There is a huge supply of delicious breakfast treats on the menu, with a focus on simple and conventional breakfast offerings rather than anything too out there. At the front counter, there are also plenty of fresh salads, rolls, cakes and slices on offer. The drinks menu is lengthy, with coffees, teas and a variety of cold beverages. Sassafras has a strong philosophy for accomodating dietary requirements and food intolerances.


I ordered a latte on both mornings. The coffee was good and whilst I was waiting for Kat, I found the little room I was in to be perfect for sipping coffee and reading a book.

Scrambled eggs on organic sourdough

As I mentioned earlier, our breakfast on day 1 was eggs on toast. I chose mine to be scrambled and served with organic sourdough. The bread was nice and thickly cut.

Tomato jam

There were some little packets of butter to use and our dishes were also served with a jar of tomato jam that made the eggs just a bit more interesting.

Fried eggs on toast

Kat had the eggs fried on white toast. They were cooked well with a runny interior. At first she was brought scrambled eggs too but the kitchen soon rectified that when we advised them of the error.

Chai latte

Kat's morning beverage of choice was a chai latte. It was served with a tea strainer, which I found interesting considering it was a creamy milk beverage, and a little float of honey on the side to allow customization of the sweetness.

Grilled banana and walnut bread with brown sugar butter

The next day, I returned for breakfast and knew exactly what I wanted. The grilled banana and walnut bread allured me from when I first read it on the menu and I had only just resisted the previous day. This time, I had to succumb.

Slice shot

It was served as 2 thick, toasted slices with a brown sugar butter. The brown sugar butter melted into a butterscotch-like gel once applied to the toast and boy was it delicious. It worked great with the walnut pieces, which were in generous supply.

I really liked breakfast as Sassafras. It's a sacrafice for me to go to the same place twice because I have so many new cafes I want to try. In this instance, it paid off. The banana bread was delicious and I generally found the environment to be comfortable and the staff nice and friendly.
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