Monday, February 25, 2013

Dinner at The Spaghetti House

The Spaghetti House

I thought I had a comprehensive knowledge of the main West End restaurants so I was surprised when Marc and I were walking along Boundary Street one night and passed an extremely busy pasta joint that I didn't even know existed. Naturally, I had to try it. We made arrangements to have dinner there last Friday night.

I made a booking through Dimmi and I urge anyone who wants to successfully eat at this restaurant to make a booking. It's a smallish venue and easily packed. We saw people floating around outside when we got there waiting for a table. As one who had made a booking, we were ushered through to our table (the only one I could see that was vacant) without having to wait.

Italian red

The restaurant is dim but chatty and social, rather than awkwardly romantic. I had looked up the menu online prevoiusly so I had an idea of what I wanted. Even so, I was thrown by the specials and we ended up choosing one of those.

Four cheese pizza bread

To start with, Marc and I shared a 4 cheese pizza bread. It was a cute little thing and very cheesy. Our waiter had listed a few other pizza bread options but once I heard cheese I honed in on that one.

My slice

I love cheese! I love melty, stretchy cheese on pizza even better. There was a nice pesto sauce to lend some flavor and fresh shredded basil.

Pappardelle con ragu d'agnello - four hour cooked lamb shoulder with cherry tomatoes and parsley

For our mains, Marc and I ordered 2 pasta dishes. One was the lamb pappardelle, which was my pick. The meat was slow-cooked to melty perfection with a rich, tomato flavor. I thought this pasta was fantastic. I've mentioned on this blog before that pappardelle is my favorite cut of pasta. It's especially ideal for ragu-style dishes because it sops up all the meat sauce.

Moreton bay bugs pomodorini freschi, peperoncino e basilico - bugs with cherry tomatoes, chili and basil

I suggested to Marc that we go for a seaood pasta with our second choice, for variety's sake. He went with the Moreton bay bug special of the day. It was a simple pasta dish tossed with fresh cherry tomatoes and shredded basil. There was a generous amount of sweet bug flesh topping it all off.

I really enjoyed the food at The Spaghetti House. Even though the restaurant was busy to the point of hectic, service was attentive and speedy, without feeling rushed. I'm glad there's a local venue that serves a good variety of authentic Italian food.
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