Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flowers of the World Organic Cafe

Flowers of the World
Little Stanley Street, South Bank Parklands

Keeping in the theme of catching up with friends after my lengthy European excursion, I met with the beautiful Blossom for brunch last Sunday. We had planned to try French Martini but it was closed, so we stopped a few doors down at Flowers of the World.

The thing that drew me to this cafe were the flowers. Interestingly, just as I was gushing over how pretty all the flowers were, Blossom proclaimed that she hates flowers. How ironic, considering her nickname on this blog! There's a lesson for you guys: not all women are made equal.

Flowers of the World has cafe seating outside on the street, plus a gorgeous hidden section upstairs. That's where we retreated to. Our table ended up being too small for all the food/drink we ordered but we managed (just). It was worth it just to be in the peace and quiet.

Food options are fairly limited. There are simple organic breakfast items on offer, as well as some quiches, tarts and sandwiches on display in the fridge. I thought the sweets looked amazing but since we were just there for brunch, I filed that away for later consideration.

Mushroom patty with pulse salad

Blossom chose a mushroom patty that was laden with seeds and nuts. It was also served with a pulse side salad that looked super healthy. I tried a bit of her patty and it had a strong, earthy mushroom flavor. I found the texture to be gluggy, which might get tiresome after too many bites.

Organic spelt toast with sliced avocado

My pick was very simple. I went for the organic spelt toast with sliced avocado. It came served with lemon and salt and pepper grinders. I'm glad because they are the bare necessities for eating avo on toast! The toast itself was too hard/tough for my liking but the avocado was beautiful.


We had a couple of coffees as well. Blossom chose a regular coffee whereas I went for an iced coffee. I tried to describe an unsweetened iced latte (espresso, ice and milk) but the drink I ended up getting had cream in it. It was nice but not what I wanted.

The main up-side to Flowers of the World is the lovely cafe set up they have upstairs. The food looked magical but the taste didn't blow me away. This is, however, a great spot to sit and chat with girlfriends hidden from the bustle of the street. Plus, if you're like me and love flowers, there's always the option of picking up a fresh bunch on your way home.
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