Monday, September 30, 2013

Piefection for Lunch

Piefection Gourmet Pies

Pies and pizza fall into the same category for me. The thought of a greasy frozen meat pie with fake mince slop, or a fast food puffy-based pizza drowned in cheese both make me want to hurl. On the other hand, gourmet, crafted pizza and pies always draw me in. I promise it's not because I'm an uppity snob. I genuinely feel that with these two groups of food, the variations are on entirely different planes.

I first heard about Piefection on my own blog, via a comment by a reader (thanks Audrey!) While I was living in Toowoomba, it wasn't easy to plan a trip there. I remember one day, I finished work at around 4pm and rushed to Brisbane in an attempt to stop by at Piefection before it closed. I think that timing-wise, I would have been fine but it just got too stressful so I went home instead.
Now that I'm living in Brisbane, there's no stopping me from trying all these places that were hard to get to as a Toowooma resident. Piefection was first on my hit list.

I stopped to get groceries at Woolies nearby and proceeded to walk to Piefection. I walked because I wasn't sure if there'd be parking nearby and parking is something I hate having to deal with. As it turns out, there is on-site parking behind the pie shop that can be accessed from Logan Road.

Piefection is a small outlet but there are tables if you choose to eat your pie while it's at its freshest. I was tempted but I had groceries that needed to be put away so I ordered my pies takeaway.

Jack Daniels BBQ Pork Rib Pie

My picks for the day were JD BBQ pork rib pie and pastrami brisket with layer of jarlsberg cheese. If I was at all concerned that the pies would get damaged on the way home, that fear was unfounded because they were packed in cute paper boxes that kept them in tip top condition.

As much as I wanted to demolish both, 2 pies for lunch is more than this girl can handle so I tried half of each and refrigerated the rest for later. When I cut them open, I knew my high expectations were justified because the filling was nothing like the sloppy fake mince goo I started this post about. Instead, both pies contained distinct chunks of actual meat and ressembled home slow cooker contents.

JD rib pie close up

Without further hesitation, I dug in. I tried the JD rib pie first because that's the one most people go on about when Piefection is mentioned. It was stunning. I already mentioned here how much of an advocate I am of ribs when they're in easier-to-eat forms. If I thought rib meat on pizza was good, well let's just say that tender, melt in the mouth, sweet and sticky rib meat stuffed between layers of crunchy, flaky pastry may just be one step better. I normally can't eat a pie without drowning it in tomato sauce but this pie was self-saucing and tasted great on its own.

Pastrami brisket pie close up

The pastrami pie had a similarly chunky interior, made more exciting with a layer of golden, melty swiss cheese. I think I would have been really impressed by this had I not just tasted the rib pie first. The pastrami was also good but not as flavoursome by comparison. I could say that Piefection spoilt me with its signature offering.

I've heard it said that Piefection can convert people who don't even like pies. I suppose I fall into that category and I am well and truly won over by these creations. The fillings are generous and of top quality. The pastry is perfectly flaky. At no point did I feel overwhelmed by grease or fattiness because that simply isn't the case with these pies. Now that I know there's on site parking, I suppose the main thing holding me back is thoughts of my waistline!
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