Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sparrow and Finch for Weekday Lunch

Sparrow and Finch
100 Creek St (corner Adelaide St), Brisbane CBD

Even though I don't actually work in Brisbane CBD, I consider myself a regular city-goer from my uni days where campus was literally a couple streets away from Queen Street Mall. Sparrow and Finch has been on my radar for a while but it wasn't until recently that I got to try the place.

I happened to have some errands to run in the city so Marc and I met up for lunch. I've been trying to maintain a healthy diet so out of all the temptations that were available, I suggested Sparrow and Finch because in my mind, it seemed like the kind of place that would serve a decent salad.
We arrived just after the peak lunch hours and I'm not sure if the cabinet is always like this but when we got there, I saw a couple of salads and rolls and lots of clear, empty space. I aborted my notion of salad at this point and instead, drew my attention towards the delicious-sounding menu and specials board.

Marc also ordered an afternoon beer and we took up a table outside, facing Adelaide Street. It was pleasant sitting there, but at one point, the wind got hairy and plant particles flew at us from a nearby tree. I wouldn't say that's a regular risk factor of dining here though!

Char-grilled lamb skewer with salad and yoghurt sauce

In the end, I went for the lamb skewer, which was one of the blackboard specials. It looked gorgeous when it was brought out, served with a generous Greek-style salad and huge dollop of minted yoghurt. I was instantly reminded of my recent holiday in Greece and I'll tell ya, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. I honestly expected the lamb to be dry because let's face it, so often grilled meats especially from specials menus are dry and haggard. This one was surprisingly juicy and tender. I was thrilled. I opted to leave the bread behind and my meat and salad combo served to be both delicious and reasonably healthy.

Beef burger and chips

Marc went for the burger and chips. You can safely assume that dietary considerations don't run equal in both of us ;).

Close-up of burger

His feedback was that the patty was big and juicy and the sauce was good. He liked the bread too. I was nagging him about eating chips during the week but he justified that it was only a small serve. I suppose that's good if you're watching what you eat but not so good if you're after your money's worth in chips.

Sparrow and Finch turned out to be a good weekday lunch venue. Some of my friends go there for after work drinks too and I suppose the location is really handy for anyone who works in the city. The food we tried was tasty, filling and served quickly, and the decor is simple and contemporary.
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