Thursday, March 20, 2014

Billykart Kitchen for Lunch

Billykart Kitchen for Lunch

I had a long overdue catchup with highschool friend Tracy on the weekend. We arranged to have lunch at a venue of my choosing and I was grateful to be able to select one from my ever-increasing list of 'need to visit' restaurants and cafes. Billy Kart Kitchen appealed to me because the photos I saw online looked promising and once I read the menu, I was sold.

The cafe stands out as a social hub in an otherwise suburban crossroad. I'm so used to inner city cafes that are a nightmare to park at. It was refreshing to be able to find close street parking without incident.

Billy Kart Kitchen is pretty big but since I got there at peak-time on a Saturday, all the inside tables were either taken or reserved. I was happy to park myself at one of the cosy little tables outside. The weather was just right so it was nice to soak it up.


I ordered a latte to start with. It was a decent size and actually worked to perk me up significantly. Nowadays I drink coffee more for taste than energy because my body's too used to caffeine to notice any effect. It's kinda cool when I feel an actual buzz.

Orange juice

Tracy ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice upon her arrival. Billy Kart Kitchen is on trend with their serving-ware resembling mason jars. Some might think this fad is on the out but I love kooky jars and cups so it'll never get old for me.

Tuna nicoise salad

For food, I selected the tuna Ni├žoise salad. It had morsels on fresh tuna scattered amongst a bed of fresh greens, wilted cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and green olives. It was a nice salad and definitely fulfilled my requirement for 'healthy' but it was underwhelming in terms of flavour. I think this needs a more flavoursome dressing to carry it.

Pulled Berkshire pork shoulder sandwich - with sugarloaf slaw and baja sauce

I tried a bit of Tracy's pulled pork sandwich. The meat was really melty and tender and completely infused with flavour. I liked the sweetness of the pork with the creamy tangy coleslaw. It was a fairly large serving of food all up.

Tracy and I had a nice time at Billy Kart Kitchen. The menu includes many simple yet delicious sounding options. The food is fresh and serving sizes are decent. We liked the casual environment too.
Billy Kart Kitchen

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