Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breakfast at Four Winds, Gold Coast

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant
2807 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise

A while back my parents went on a weekend away at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, down at the Gold Coast. They had tonnes of fun and told me about this breakfast buffet at the top of the tower which they wanted to show me when exams were over.

Hotel lobby

Now that time has finally come. The Four Winds restaurant does lunch and dinner buffets daily but breakfast is only on Sunday. Bookings aren't required so we rocked up when they just opened, at 7am.

The restaurant is on the 26th floor and as the name suggests, there's a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast and the outer rim of the floor, where the tables are, spins very slowly. You can JUST about tell that the floor is in motion so it's not enough to give headspins or induce nausea.

There are 4 buffet bars:

1) Hot food: eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, hot croissants etc
2) Baked goods: muffins, danishes, bread etc
3) Cereal: cereal, milk etc
4) Cold food: bircher muesli, fresh fruit, preserved fruit etc

Pastries and baked goods

Hot food

And there's also juice, iced water, coffee and tea... all bottomless.

Here are a few examples of things we got:

Bacon, toast and maple syrup (my favorite combo)

Fruit and muesli

Pikelets, whipped cream, berry compote and fresh strawberries

Inside of a mini chocolate croissant - so yummy!

The service was really efficient. They take away empty plates almost before they get a chance to rest and there's always someone offering to top up your coffee/tea if the cup is looking empty.

Bottomless coffee

The best thing about eating at Four Winds was the view. It was really relaxing just watching the changing scenery from water to the hinterlands and all the gorgeous skyscrapers.

We had a lovely breakfast and I was so full afterward I slept all through the ride home.

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