Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of Exam Celebrations at The Point

The Point Restaurant Bar

If ever I needed an excuse to dine out, end of exams must be the most valid. ESPECIALLY if they're the last lot for the year. You slave away on a caffeine high for 2-3 weeks straight, surviving on ridiculous hours/patterns of sleep and then BAM it's over. Time for a break.

My friend happened to finish his exams on the same day as me so we decided to party it out food-style (much better than getting wasted, although I did manage both :D). After cruising through Southbank for a while (we originally intended to go to Stones restaurant but it was packed), we decided to go all out and enter the paid parking zone (way more luxurious than scouting for street-side spots).

Since we were quite hungry and not very picky, we wandered into the first place that looked decent: The Point. I remember when my uncle came from the States, he ate there and told me the fish and chips were good. I had no intention of ordering fish and chips but nice feedback of any kind always makes you more willing to try a particular location.

Normally I don't get drinks at a restaurant simply because of stinginess but all inhibitions were left at home. I ordered a cocktail with the intention of getting many more (ended up going somewhere else for drinks though) and my friend got a glass of rose.
Glass of rose

Pre-pear cocktail

The cocktail was pretty good - fresh, sparkling and a very obvious pear flavor.

For food, my friend decided there's nothing more 'celebratory' than a chunk of steak. I was in a funny mood and asked if I could order a side of vegetables as a main. In all honesty, it's all I felt like eating. I don't know if it's my overworked brain from exams or whatever but throughout exam season, all I felt like eating was fruit, veggies and yogurt. That might sound healthy to you but not at the quantities I devoured!

200g eye fillet, potato gratin, grilled onions, green beans and bearnaise

The food didn't take long to arrive. I didn't hear many comments on the steak but at the rate it was ingested, I think my friend was quite happy with it. The serving was a bit on the small side (in my opinion, simply because my bowl of vegetables seamed to dominate over his plate) but it came with a potato gratin and they're always good for filling you up.

Mixed vegetables panfried in sage beurre noisette

My veggies were great! Apparently the selection changes daily but on that day, I had a gorgeous mix of green beans, cauliflower, bok choi and pumpkin. Mmm... pumpkin. It was all tossed through a 'sage beurre noisette'. I had no idea what that was and our lovely waitress explained that it was like a buttery sauce but not too oily. I don't care WHAT it is... it complimented the vegetables like a dream. I was very, very happy. And the cocktail helped too.

Overall, a nice experience at The Point. The staff were so friendly and fabulous and in terms of food, I'm thinking that if they could make a selection of vegetables taste that good, the rest of the menu seems promising.

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