Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pho Hien Vuong

Pho Hien Vuong
319-341 Mains Rd, Sunnybank

Last night I made a quick pho stop in Sunnybank with a friend before spending hours, non-stop (literally) trying to beat old school Dr. Mario.

Pho Hien Vuong has a reputation of good, cheap pho (big servings too) and the other bonus is that they open till lateish every day. There's a small courtyard area outside and the inside feel is very typical of an Asian eatery.

The menu contains all your standard, typical Vietnamese fast food options. My friend ordered a chicken pho and I originally wanted the spicy beef but they were sold out so I got the prawn and pork banh canh (thick, round tapioca noodles). Most menu items having options re: size (small, medium, large).

We were feeling boring yesterday so we didn't bother with drinks/sides/appetizers etc.

Herbs and chili to go with the pho

The food comes quickly, as you'd expect and service is efficient.

Medium chicken pho noodle soup

The chicken pho was quite nice. I pointed out that I've never had chicken pho before and I got some sarcastic remark (from my friend, not a rude waiter) about how it's basically the same as beef pho but with chicken instead of beef. True but unnecessary :).

Medium pork and prawn banh canh

I like the thick noodles in banh canh - it's something I was only introduced to recently in Vietnam Corner and I think I'll be ordering more of in the future. Unfortunately, the pork slices were a bit dry for me and the prawns were too garlicky but the soup base was packed of flavor and I like how the whole dish doesn't taste oily at all.

Fun times

One of the most fun aspects of Vietnamese dining is customizing your flavor with sauce/condiment/herb additions. I threw in Thai basil and chili plus loads of chili sauce. I think the effect is kind of Christmassy?

My banh canh post-customization

Or... am I getting carried away prematurely by all the marketing that's going around?

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  1. definitely Christmassy--looks like mistletoe! :) There's lots of different Vietnamese noodle soups so give them a try!