Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aromas at Noosa Heads

Aromas at Noosa Heads
32 Hastings St, Noosa Heads

My family headed up North on an adventurous road trip. We intended to go to Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands but got derailed by a road block. After unsuccessfully navigating through a mountain detour, we thought 'stuff this' and headed further onwards to Noosa.

A long drive (and many amusing GPS mishaps) later, we finally got to Noosa Heads. My dad raged about there not being any parking spots and when he finally got one, bragged about how easy it was.

We were famished at this point because the trip took so long and once we got onto the street, headed into the first noticeable eating establishment. This happened to be Aromas. It was buzzing... BUZZING with life.

I just Googled the place in order to find out the address and many reviewers describe Aromas as the hub of Noosa Heads and a meeting place of locals. I've been there and find this totally believable. Our mentality at the time was 'this place is packed; it MUST be good' which may not have been completely accurate but nonetheless, the sheer volume of customers is indisputable.

My dad and I ordered a dish each. Mum has a small appetite so we figured we could share and save room for dessert elsewhere.

Beer and banana smoothie

They also ordered a beer and I chose a banana smoothie. The banana smoothie was pretty good though a bit too strong on the honey for me. It was definitely blended from real bananas though, as opposed to the syrup that some cafes use.

Chicken and pesto pizza with fresh rocket

My menu pick was the chicken pesto pizza. It's quite small for the price and whilst it tasted OK, that was about it. The flavors were nice but the base was average and mum commented that the chicken was dry.

Prawn and scallop linguini with lemon oil, parsley and fresh chilies

I was most disappointed with the prawn and scallop linguini though. It was a largeish serving but there was no sauce at all so the whole thing tasted bland with an oily finish. The oddest thing though is there was a taste of kerosene?

Close-up of pasta

We were all baffled by it and thought 'maybe this is some herb' but it was definitely unpleasant. The pasta was quite pricey so really wasn't worth it.

Service at Aromas is hectic as expected but they were still friendly and quite professional. Our meal was served quite quickly. The menu is pricey and the food doesn't really match accordingly. I liked the dining environment as it's nice and open-spaced but after exploring the strip further, would have preferred to dine beachside at the restaurant on the other side of Hasting Street considering it was similarly priced.

Royal Copenhagen ice-cream for afters

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