Monday, April 12, 2010

Viet Hoa

Viet Hoa Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant
11/220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane

I was going to go on a field trip to Inala for Vietnamese food over the holidays (courtesy of a good uni friend of mine who promised it would be the most authentic pho) but plans went astray. The Vietnamese cravings didn't subside though so when we were deciding what to have for dinner last Friday, that's where we headed.

To keep the trip nice and short, we went reasonably local... West End. Along Melbourne Street, there are 2 Vietnamese restaurants right next to each other. We opted for Viet Hoa based on the fact that a) it was closer and didn't involve crossing an extra street and b) the other looked more expensive.

There are tables both indoors and street side. We decided to sit outside. After a quick menu browse, we ordered. The menu has many pages of typical Chinese restaurant offerings plus a couple of pages with Vietnamese food. There are all the usual favorites: pho, rice paper rolls, vermicelli salads and so on.

Grilled pork vermicelli salad

In a bid to remain somewhat healthy, I chose the grilled pork in salad form. It was a huge bowl of primarily rice noodles topped with lettuce, carrot and most importantly, grilled pork.

Grilled beef rice paper rolls

Byron ordered the DIY rice paper rolls which comes with meat (grilled beef in his case), lettuce, salad, cucumber and sauce. The sauce that came with this was the same as the dressing for my salad, in both cases, a light and sweet fish sauce.

Close-up of meat

As is usual with these kinds of dishes, where was an excess of rice paper comparative to the filling ingredients. We devised a system where I used the rice paper to wrap up my salad contents too. It worked out pretty well since my salad was basically a rice paper roll minus the wrapper.

Service was good and the taste and price are typical of an average Vietnamese restaurant in Brisbane.

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