Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brew for Breakfast


I went on a little adventure this week. Rather than spending my RDO in bed playing games/reading (which is my usual routine), I had a CPD seminar in Brisbane city. My original plan was to stay at mum and dad's and then get a ride into town. After an exhausting weekend however, I decided I really couldn't be stuffed driving to Brisbane and back so I booked a hotel and some return coach tickets instead.

As much as I love staying in hotels, I haven't been in one solo since... one night in New Zealand earlier this year. To be honest, I did feel apprehensive at first because I thought I'd get lonely/scared/bored. Then I mentally slapped myself and got into the whole 'independant woman on business trip' frame of mind.

After that, I spent the whole coach trip fantasizing about food places I could visit. I'll write about what I did for dinner that night later on but for breakfast the next morning (before my seminar), I paid a visit to Brew. I had intended on Kitchen Sanitarium but woke up too late and Brew was more convenient.

What drew me to Brew was it's hidden, undercover location. It's on Burnett Lane, tucked behind Albert Street in a spot that, if you didn't know about it, you'd walk right on by.

I creeped down towards Brew at 7:30am ish on Wednesday morning, anxious because I'd never been before and I didn't know if they had any special protocols. It's an odd-looking cafe, I suppose because it doubles as a bar at night. There were a few tables and ottomans scattered in the laneway outside the entrance and more seating indoors.

I ordered inside and took an outside table to enjoy the sunshine. By the looks of my table number (1), I suspect I was the first to eat in that morning.

There's a simple breakfast menu and all the usual coffees and teas. I wasn't in the mood for anything too heavy so I ordered the porridge.

Cafe latte

My latte came first. It was beautiful - the perfect pick up for someone who stayed up way too late the night before. It was smooth and aromatic with no burnt coffee undertones.

Surprise on the side

There were also 2 chocolate-coated coffee beans on the side... yum!

Porridge with milk and honey

The porridge came arrived next with some milk, honey and brown sugar. It was a very basic bowl of oats, not dissimilar to what I make at home.

Mix, mix, mix

It was satisfying enough but had none of the richness or flair that makes ordering porridge out worthwhile.

Mini carrot cake

I also asked for a mini carrot cake take-away and ate it on the coach ride back to Toowoomba. I liked the carrot cake, it was moist and subtly spiced with a good amount of 'carrotyness' (unlike some supermarket types that are basically sponges with orange food dye). The cream cheese frosting was finger-licking delicious too. And I would know, seeing as most of it smeared onto the paper bag and I found myself scraping it off my bag to ensure none was wasted.

The service at Brew was lovely. I am the queen of being uncoordinated and I managed to spill half my coffee. The girl came and cleaned it up and even offered to make me another one. So kind! I think this is a great place for coffee and hanging out but the food isn't the standout feature.
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  1. I went to Brew one evening with a friend who knows much more about the city than I do (even though I work in the middle of it) and I had a latte and the carrot cake too! Both were absolutely scrumptious! The atmosphere in the evening is fantastic and they have a great menu of tapas with genuine Spanish dishes (I should know, being half Spaniard myself) which I will HAVE to go back and try. By the looks of that porridge I will have to try their breakfast too.

    P.S. Kitchen Sanitarium is my FAVE breakfast spot! Their scrambled eggs with tomato, goats cheese and sourdough is fantastic.

  2. Hi B...

    I would love to try their tapas! And yes, Kitchen Sanitarium will be next on my to-do.