Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dining out - but... 'in'

Continuing on with the theme of my previous post i.e. Cora alone in a hotel in New Zealand. I went a bit trigger happy with self-indulgences, one of which was 2 hours worth of back-to-back massages.

To put the icing on the cake, I decided I would order myself some room service under the pretence that it was too embarrasing to dine out alone (which is true).

I thought about getting a light snack but somehow that didn't roll. I ended up ordering a main and dessert.

NZ lamb

For my main, I had some New Zealand lamb. I'll be honest with you... after seeing the white balls of fluff grazing by the road, I really didn't have a good vibe about eating some. My justification is that the creatures used for their wool are different to the protein providing type? Not sure if that's true or not but hey, call me a monster if you will. I've tried vegetarianism before and it didn't stick.

The lamb was very tender and served on a bed of potato and green beans. The sauce was flavorsome and creamy.

Coffee creme brulee

My dessert was the coffee creme brulee. It was a large serving - too much for me to handle. The creme brulee had a distinct coffee flavor and smooth texture with a delicate toffee top.

I thought the ice-cream was very much necessary because one just can't have that much creaminess without anything to cut it. I'm not sure what the quenelle of double cream was for... it didn't help the creme brulee go down at all.

Rediculously posey photo that I'm too embarrased to put at the top of the post ;)

I had a ball watching TV, lying in bed and enjoying my solo meal. The food came out surprisingly quickly but my critisim is that it seemed a bit lukewarm.

FYI - the hotel was Distinction Te Anau and the food was from The MacKinnon Room on-site restaurant.

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  1. The surroundings look wonderful. I always enjoy trying room service, i hold great judgement on a hotel for it because its like they are feeding you in a back room where you cant complain or make a fuss if its bad. Its also just as much about the actual service as food quality in this setting.. Thus your complaint of lukewarm.
    I relate to your solo complaints, im always dragging people with me! Eating alone can be fun though, you zone out on the food and other peoples behaviour.