Friday, September 30, 2011

Egg Bistro for Breakfast

Egg Bistro

In need of a suitable brunch buddy one morning, I dragged my mother out with me. She had already eaten but I convinced her to keep me company. We live on the East side so I thought Egg Bistro would be the easiest to get to. I don't think mum liked it though... heading down Stanley Street reminded her too much of going to work.

We parked and headed into the cafe. It was busy, busy, busy. I suppose that's normal for a Sunday morning so we contented with waiting outside. The wait for a table wasn't too bad... about 10 minutes or so. The queue for a table increased drastically after we got seated so I was quite thankful.

Mum just had water but I chose the juice special of the day.

Watermelon and passionfruit juice of the day

The juice was quite good. It was watermelon-based with passionfruit. I'm not crazy about passionfruit (yes, I know I should have chosen something different) but it was nice and fresh.

Unfortunately, the juice was all the sustenance I got for the next hour. That's right, our food took absolutely forever to arrive. Sure, the place was choccas but even then it was perhaps the longest I've ever had to wait for breakfast and by the end of it, mum and I were dry out of conversation.

The food arriving was like an A-lister making a fashionably late appearance. Sure I was pissed off but I was more relieved and thankful and by the time the plates were placed on the table, my annoyance had given way to excitement.

House lamb sausage with mustard leaf salad, panko egg and relish

I had the lamb sausage with panko-crusted egg. It was an on-the-spot decision where I didn't know what I was going to order until it came out of my mouth. The sausage was delicious. It was so juicy. Mmmm...

Inside of panko egg

I loved the panko egg too. Even while I was munching away I couldn't help but marvel how carefully engineered the cooking process would have been to ensure the yolk was runny and the exterior crunchy. Genius and perfectly executed. It was just the right binding factor for the sausage and mustard salad.

House granola with mango and yoghurt

Mum's granola was an equal success story. To paint the picture, she's a small lady with a small appetite and she had already eaten breakfast that morning but finished the granola anyway. It tasted fresh (as opposed to store bought) and had just the right amount of crunch, burnt caramelization and yogurt/milk to add.

Big chunk of mango

There was a glorious slice of fresh mango on the side too.

I adored this breakfast. Lateness forgiven. Well... it helped that I wasn't starving to begin with. It's rare that any food can make up for an hour of waiting but this would be close to it. At the least, it doesn't deter me from going again.
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