Monday, February 6, 2012

Hotel Bravo - Bravo Bar b que

Bravo Bar b que

I remember going to Hotel Bravo a long, long time ago back when Monsoon was there. We were actually dining in Monsoon and my family (who arrived separately) accidently found themselves at the Bravo bar and were sipping water and getting comfortable before they realized we were in the adjacent restaurant.

Well, Monsoon is gone now and in its place, Bravo's grill restaurant. I headed there one weekday night with my mate Marc for dinner. We took a seat at an outdoor table and started looking through the menu.

We decided to get a main and side each, plus a couple of desserts and a jug of sangria to wash it all down.

Red sangria

There was red or white sangria to choose from and we went with the red. It was a loaded jug full of fruit and winey goodness. I don't normally like red wine but I love it in sangria.

Eye fillet

For mains, we both went with steaks. Mine was the eye fillet, cooked medium rare. It was nicely cooked and overall, a good piece of meat.

Eye fillet cut shot

What really made an impression were the chips. They were fat and rustic, a bit like potato wedges but had a glass-like crunchy exterior. There was also a nice chivey/bacon flavor to them. Probably some of the best chips I've ever eaten, rivalling the truffle shoestring fries from Moo Moo's.

o.p. rib on the bone

Marc got the rib on bone with mushroom sauce on the side.

Green beans in cashew butter

For our sides, I went with the green beans in cashew butter. They were fresh and well-buttered but unexciting compared to the chips.

Cheddar glazed broccoli, cauliflower and bacon

Marc ordered a side of cheddar glazed caulifower, broccoli and bacon. It was a bit like a mini veggie bake and he claimed it was very good.

Dark chocolate fondant - with raspberry sorbet and hazelnut glass biscuit

Our desserts were the creme brulee and chocolate fondant. These are 2 dessert classics and often a good means of comparing different restaurants. Unfortunately, I was quite tipsy on sangria by this point so my judgement might be a tad off.

Inside chocolate fondant

The fondant was very rich and chocolatey with the essential ooze in the middle. I wasn't mad about the raspberry sorbet, just because I'm not a raspberry lover but I suppose it did need something tart to cut the heaviness.

Brulee - with pistachio biscotti

The brulee was standard. It ticked the boxes: creamy, toffee topping etc. You can't really complain about that but I personally prefered the fondant. Also, I think it needs... something lighter or more refreshing on the side than a piece of pistachio biscotti.

Bravo Bar b que surprised me. I thought the steak and sides were of high quality comparable to many big name restaurants in Brisbane. The chips were exceptional and the desserts uncreative but still tasty. I would recommend anyone to go there for a meal or drinks and am looking forward to heading back myself for another round.
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