Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lure on Latrobe for Breakfast

Lure on Latrobe
24 Latrobe Tce, Paddington

After a wonderful, big weekend (happy birthday shoutout to my dear friend Howl!), Byron and I were hung over and starved on Sunday. We woke up relatively early and picked up our stuff from a mate's house in Paddington. While we were in the area, I thought it'd be crazy to bypass the local offerings, since Paddy is considered a cafe hotspot.

Mochi recommended Lure on Latrobe ages ago but while I have a goldfish memory when it comes to almost everything, my food memory is still sharp as a tac. We did a quick Google search to locate this cafe and hopped right to it.

While Saturday was sticky, overcast and sporadically wet, Sunday morning was beautiful. We picked a nice covered table on the deck and started looking through the menu. From what I could see, Lure only has deck seating but it's spacious and inviting.


For drinks, Byron got a cappucino. He said it was good but admittingly he is not much of a coffee drinker and I wasn't in the mood for coffee (rare for me) so didn't try it myself.

Banana and honey smoothie

I thought about ordering the juice but when I heard the only juice available was orange juice (I hate that stuff) I quickly changed to a banana smoothie. It was a really nice banana smoothie - not too thick and a nice yogurty tang that cut the sweetness of the honey. Cinnamon was a pleasant touch too.

Vego big start - with poached eggs, haloumi, oven-roased tomato, mushrooms, spinach, potato and feta hashbrowns and Lure's own baked beans, plus a side of bacon

Byron's food pick was the vegetarian big breakfast... with bacon. Though that might sound a little strange at first, he explained it to me as 'I didn't want any sausages and I wanted the baked beans that only come with the vegetarian version', it made sense. It was indeed a very big breakfast. The haloumi was delish.

Inside of potato and feta hashbrown

The potato and feta hash brown reminded us for potato mashies. Unfortunately the bacon was severely overcooked. I like my bacon crispy and I thought this was OTT. It's a shame because a lady came and asked how our meals were but at that time, Byron hadn't tried the bacon. I'm sure if we had said something they would've ammended but after that point we just couldn't be bothered.

Chili scrambled eggs - with roasted tomato, avocado, mint yogurt and toasted rye

I went with the chili scrambled eggs. It was... interesting. I'm not sure that chili and egg goes that well together (why did I pick this dish then! Loser!) but it wasn't unpleasant and the eggs were cooked nicely. Together with the toasted sourdough and fresh avo, it made for a clean, healthy, well-rounded breakfast.

We had a good experience at Lure on Latrobe. The environment was pleasant and the staff were quite nice. I was happy with the food we got but expect that some of the other options would be even better. It's now been placed on my 'to revisit' list.Lure on Latrobe on Urbanspoon

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