Sunday, February 5, 2012

Caffe Republic, Gold Coast for Lunch

Caffe Republic on Hedges
3 Montana Rd,City of Gold Coast

After our breakfast at BlackStar, Trinh and I were thinking about going to Southbank to jump around in the pools and dispell some heat. Then we figured, why not go to the Gold Coast?

Prepped for adventure, we drove down a bit past Surfer's Paradise and had the most fabulous time sunning and swimming and gossiping.

All that can work up quite an appetite. We initially went to Caffe Republic just for a cool drink but ended up getting a light meal too.

Republic fizzer - with cranberry, apple and mint

My drink was called a 'Republic fizzer' which was a fruity frappe type deal that was just perfection for the weather. It was bout 36 degrees and you could literally see heat waves coming off the roads. Mint and ice is just the solution for those kinds of days.

Smoked ham sandwich - with mature cheese, roma tomato, capsicum, balsamic relish and lettuce

I didn't want anything too heavy for lunch because I was going out for dinner in Toowoomba later that night (busy busy girl) so I ordered a smoked ham sandwich. It was so yummy. People often forget just how good a simple ham and cheese sandwich can be. This one had other stuff too but the fundamentals were there and I scoffed it dow quite eagerly.

Smoked salmon sandwich - with dill cream and lemon, capers, Spanish onion, cucumber and lettuce

Trinh's sandwich was salmon and salad and she asked for the dill cream cheese on the side. It was chockas full of fresh leaves and smoked salmon. Yummo.

We liked hanging out at Caffe Republic. It's got a relaxed, local vibe and being 5min from the ocean isn't half bad either ;).
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  1. Check it out for Breakfast to, good menu and it is Buzzing on a weekend.... Oh and by the way it is about 50 meters to the Ocean not 5 mins.