Monday, May 7, 2012

Kuala Lumpur 2 - La Bodega

La Bodega

The first of my KL restaurant posts feature La Bodega, a tapas restaurant near The Pavillion in Bukit Bintang.  We walked around for AGES before deciding 'what the heck, let's just chose something' and walked into this place. I recall the criteria at the time being something along the lines of 'I'm not sure what I feel like eating but if I see it I'll know' and 'they better serve drinks'.

We picked a nice outdoor table and started off by poring over the drinks menu. It didn't take very long to make a decision. Spansh restaurant. Sangria. Simple. We ordered a jug to start with.

Next, we simply picked a range of tapas dishes from the food menu and went from there. The waiter was real pro and remembered all our choices without writing anything down. It's embarrasing when they do that and then either forget and come back to clarify or get your order wrong. This guy had it downpat. There were no stuff ups.

Jug of sangria

The sangria arrived in a gorgeous ceramic jug labled 'sangria'. It was chilled and fruity and yum. I just can't get enough of this stuff.

Lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce

Our food started arriving not long after. The first I'd picked was the lamb meatballs. A combination of lamb (one of my fav meats, if I had the consistency to even pick a favorite) in meatball form... it seemed impossible not to be good. It turned out alright but I wasn't crazy about it. The meatballs were undersalted or something and there just wasn't anything special about the flavors. This had nothing on the meatballs from Pizzeria Mozza.

Deep-fried mahon cheese with tomato jam

Next we had the deep-fried cheese. There were actually 2 varieties and I went with the 'mahon cheese'. It came in 2 big cheesy slabs. I tried a bit of one. Not bad, but there's no way I could've eaten the whole thing. I think they should've made smaller cheese fritters and that would've been easier to stomach.

Spicy chicken sausages sauteed with onions, chili and tomato

Marc chose this spicy chicken sausage casserole dish. It turned out to be my favorite of the night. Contrasting to the meatballs, this sauce was packed with flavor and so moreish.

Complimentary bread

We got some complimentary bread (just normal bread) and long after the sausages ran out, I kept dipping the bread into the casserole sauce. Yummm...

Potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce and aioli

At the time of ordering, we were also concerned that there may not be enough stomach-filling food (translation: carbs) because we didn't know there would be bread. We ordered a plate of fried potatoes just in case. I wasn't crazy about the potatoes. Meh. Need more crunchiness!!

Piquillo stuffed with minced beef in creamy carrot and onion sauce

Our final dish was the stuffed piquillo. By the time it came around, I'd forgotten that I ordered it. Besides, it looked different to what I expected. Ah well, we ate it all the same.

Inside of pepper

There were layers of pepper skin (tastes like capsicum), mince and batter. Not bad but again, I think the exterior should have been crunchy, rather than soggy.

La Bodega was a nice place to hang out for drinks and light food. The dishes themselves weren't much to sing about but there was a huge variety and enough to keep things interesting.

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