Monday, May 28, 2012

Lady Marmalade for Breakfast

Lady Marmalade Cafe

My weekend party trick is waking up at the crack of dawn... for no reason. There's no work and no errands to run; I just -bam- wake up. And that's that. As soon as I'm awake, I have to be on the move. It's no mystery why I'm tired all the time! I'm just too much of a fidgety/agitated person to get enough sleep.

The only plus side to this particular mental ailment is that I can go out for breakfast and it doesn't use up any of my day hours, although sometimes, I'm awake so early that there's nothing open. On the Saturday that just passed, I took my chances and headed out to Lady Marmalade. It was on the way to my mum and dad's house and I was both relieved and surprised to see it was already open at 7am. Horray!

Lady Marmalade is a small corner store cafe and food stop on the corner of Logan Road and Cleveland Street (not to be confused with Old Cleveland Road, which is also in the area). I ducked in and ordered some coffee and greedily, 2 breakfast items. I then perched myself on their window bar, peering out onto the street.


My latte arrived first. It was a rich, smooth blend. A very nice coffee indeed. That morning was freezing and a good, the coffee was the best start to the day.

Classic baked eggs - baked free range eggs w house beans and warm toast soldiers

The savory breakfast item that I ordered was the baked eggs with homemade baked beans and toast soldiers for dipping. There were 2 piping hot eggs in a pool of flavorsome, saucy baked beans and a garnish of fresh herbs. The toast soldiers had a sprinkling of parmesan that made them extra special. I thought this dish was fabulous! It wasn't too over-the-top fancy but it just had nice, comforting flavors. And it was hot!! I've had some recent bad experiences getting cooled-down dishes at restaurants and so I'm really appreciating freshly cooked hot food through the Winter months.

Toasted banana bread - with ricotta and honey

I couldn't resist ordering some banana bread too. It was a huge slab, toasted and served with ricotta and honey. I can't remember where else I've had ricotta and honey recently but I'm definitely digging this combination.

Texture shot of banana bread

The banana bread itself had more of a bread-like quality than the densely moist and cakey banana breads that I'm used to. I wasn't disappointed though. It was refreshing to have a slice of banana bread that wasn't too much of a dessert item in the morning. I felt marginally healthier than I might have otherwise felt.

Lady Marmalade was a really nice, cosy and friendly cafe that had a strong neighborhood feel. I heard the staff greet several customers like local regulars. I love that in a food establishment. The coffee was great and the food even better. 

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