Friday, June 29, 2012

Breakfast at Cup Coffee

Cup Coffee
85 Russell St, West End

TRex and I caught up over an early breakfast meet a couple of weeks ago in West End. She suggested Cup this time and I had a fist-pump moment, parking randomly on the street and finding out that it was directly nect to Cup. Wooha!

I had a busy day ahead and was running on adrenaline so naturally, needed some caffeine as an adjunct to that. Cafe latte stat.


The coffee wasn't served in a latte glass but wonderful all the same. It was exactly what I needed and I sat there nursing my coffee and reading a book. My perfect start to the day.

When TRex arrived, we ordered our breakfast and I also selected a pot of tea.

GABA green tea

The tea was called GABA green and is supposed to have health benefits (according to Google). I thought it tasted a bit different to 'regular' green tea but not in a distinctly good or bad way.

Baked beans - with cheesy peasant loaf

I chose the baked beans for breakfast. They came as a small, perfectly breakfast-sized serve (in my opinion, those huge piled plates of breakfast you see in some places are unpractical and just a potential cause for rest-of-the-day-guilt). The baked beans were flavorsome and well-cooked and the cheesy toast, a nice and simple accompaniment.

Breakfast bruchetta - with blistered tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and buffalo fetta

TRex ordered the breakfast bruchetta which was a perfect mix of mushroom and tomato with basil and feta. They're fail safe flavors and TRex thought it tasted healthy and fresh. Like with my plate, the serving size was just right and by finish, she felt satisfied but not keeling over.

I enjoyed coffee and breakfast at Cup. It's got a relaxed atmosphere, great for chilling with friends or going solo. I like that there's the West End vibe without being too trendy. The food wasn't mindblowing but it was simple and comforting.
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  1. Chi pie, book this in for next time we're both in Bris at the same time - that brekkie bruscetta is right up my alley.