Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Crosstown Eating House for Breakfast

The Crosstown Eating House

Weekend brunch with girlfriends = one of my absolute favorite activities in life. I dragged Kat out of bed (literally woke her up with 7 missed calls and countless texts) to come to breakfast with me last Saturday. I should amend the 'brunch' reference here because it wasn't brunch at all. In this instance, it was very much 'breakfast'. Sorry Kat!!

I wanted to go to Crosstown because it was something Mochi and I wanted to try when she was still in Queensland. The hardest part about making it happen is that it's in the same complex as Pearl Cafe and I freaking love Pearl Cafe so it takes a lot of willpower in the "I MUST try something new and not go for the old and predictably amazing today" department to venture across the street instead.

We succeeded this time though.

It was about 9am in the morning but Crosstown had this nice, upbeat vibe that was perfect for winding up to the weekend. We selected a nice window seat where we were able to sunbathe and people watch out onto the street.

I'm not sure if this is what they were going for but to me, Crosstown had a nautical feel to the decor. There were lots of boat photos in frames and the bleached wooden floorboards and light deck chairs completed the look. I liked it.

Latte and hot chocolate

I had a latte to start with and Kat (a non-coffee drinker) went with the hot chocolate. It was a cold morning and we really wanted something hot. My coffee was amazing.

French toast - with honeyed ricotta, blueberries and coulis

For our breakfast items, we went with a sweet and a savory. I feel like I haven't ordered a sweet breakfast item in ages. I used to quite a bit and then I got out of the habit. I made an exception this time because the blueberry French toast sounded so good.

Beautiful close-up of French toast

I was over the moon with my French toast. It was simple but so delicious. The bread part was fantastic - I don't know how they do it (my own French toast is never that good) but the exterior was actually crunchy, without tasting the slightest bit oily, and the inside was soft and light. It went perfectly with the ricotta and blueberries.

Omelette - with kale, goats curd, cracked olives and chives

Kat had chosen the omelette. I'm at two minds about ordering omelette in cafes and restaurants. Often, they appeal to me but then I'll get it and feel disappointed. I tried a bit of Kat's and thought there was no way I'd have been disappointed with this. It was delicious.

Close-up of omelette (after addition of tomato sauce)

The omelette was filled with goats cheese, olives and kale. Kat loved the idea of fresh lemon juice on top and said that it lifted the dish. She heaped tomato sauce on it after so I'll clarify here that the omelette doesn't come with tomato sauce on top, that was a later addition.

I really liked Crosstown and am glad that I finally got to try it. They're open for lunch and dinner to so I'm interested in what the food is like on those other menus. I'll definitely give it a go some time and report back here.
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  1. I saw the photo on Gram and had to know more about that French toast dish. Crosstown is on my list now. :)

  2. Hi Maureen...

    Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting to be blown away. I thought the French toast at Pearl Cafe (across from Crosstown) was unbeatable. This one at Crosstown may not be better but it is definitely in contention. You should totally check it out!