Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Green Cafe for Breakfast

Little Green Cafe
Shop 34, 1932 Logan Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt

I had a light breakfast meet with mum last Saturday. When I head over to their neck of the woods, I like to try a local cafe or restaurant that I wouldn't otherwise get the chance to. A scan through Urbanspoon produced Little Green Cafe as one of the top rated breakfast spots in South-East Brisbane.

We didn't know where it was so we parked in approximation and got out to look around. For anyone who wants to find Little Green Cafe, it's located in a shopping complex called The Village that also has a Coles, Brumby's and Coffee Club.

Little Green is tiny - there are a couple of little outdoor tables but that's about it. For something so small, it was fairly busy. We really wanted a spot in the sunshine but those tables were all taken.

The breakfast menu is very simple with some toast, muesli, the obligatory sweet option and variations on bacon and eggs.

Mum ordered the avocado on toast whilst I went with scrambled eggs on toast. We both had coffee to warm us up a bit and I got tempted by the banana bread too. We were warned there would be a 15 minute wait.

Flat white

The coffee felt fantastic. I ordered a latte and mum, a flat white but for some reason mine came in a takeaway cup. I don't care what vessel the coffee is in. Hot, fresh coffee on a cold day is good in any form.

Chunky avocado on sourdough toast

The avocado on sourdough toast was... exactly that. If you're after a smear of fresh avocado on thick, toasted bread, you won't be disapointed.

 Bite shot of avocado on toast

I would have personally liked something extra. I have avocado at home all the time. I'm practically married to the stuff. When I spread it on toast I like it mixed with goats cheese and a squeeze of lime. It makes such a big difference. I found this version at Little Green cafe lacking.

Scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough with tomato relish

My scrambled eggs missed the mark too. Because scrambled eggs are considered 'simple' I expect cafes to execute them perfectly. My idea of perfect scrambled eggs are soft, just cooked and almost creamy. This was dry and tough. On the positive side, the tomato relish was delicious. Thank God for that because I really needed it to get me through the eggs.

Toasted banana bread with butter

It wasn't all bad though. The banana bread was so delicious. It was one of those banana breads where you realize you can't tell yourself "this is a healthy option" because it tastes way too good to be healthy.

Close-up of banana bread

The banana bread was a small slice, served toasted with a dusting of icing sugar and some butter. It was dense and moist and the exterior toasted to a slightly caramelized crunch. So good.

I don't understand what the fuss is about Little Green Cafe. I have nothing against small, local cafes that only offer simple menu items. In fact, I love that. But the key is the food has to be done perfectly. I can't fault the avocado on toast for being boring because it was as described, but the scrambled eggs were truly disappointing. I did love the banana bread but it's not enough of a redeeming feature, especially considering the long wait for food and the strange mix up with our coffee.
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  1. Hmmmm, Ive eaten here a lot, although not in the last 6 months, because its quite close to our house.
    They used to be quite good, burgers and turkish bread sandwiches etc for lunch aren't bad. French toast and poached eggs/avo/feta for breakfast was reasonable.
    Then they kind of seemed to stop caring, which is why I havent visited in ages. The last few times I tried to go there, they were closed when meant to be open, or the kitchen wasn't open for some reason....
    Its probably popular because there is literally nowhere else to eat in the area... cafes at Garden City are terrible.

  2. Hi Corrie...

    Ah, that might explain it. The menu is very simple so if the food was executed well, it would be a nice local spot. I agree that there doesn't seem to be much else down that end of town!