Monday, November 19, 2012

Banneton Bakery

Banneton Bakery at The Gabba
25 Balaclava St, Woollongabba

I was on my way to mum and dad's place last Saturday morning when I thought I'd stop off at Banneton Bakery to pick up some breakfast supplies. I had never been before but I read lots of great reviews about the breads and baked goods. The general consensus is to avoid actually eating there because the atmosphere and service is supposedly under par so I figured that by purchasing the goods and eating elsewhere, I would avoid those issues.

The bakery is located in an industrial area where there isn't much else around. I got to Banneton not long after they opened and there was already a fair few people standing around buying bread and coffee. I took some time viewing the display cabinets before deciding what to get.

There is a decent selection of cakes and pastries on show, plus read-to-eat items like filled croissants, baguettes and bagels. On the back shelves are rows of breads. I had heard about macarons on offer too but I couldn't find any that morning.

I ended up picking an assortment of products to try that morning, plus their famous sourdough loaf to take back home to Toowoomba for the week.

When I got to my parent's house, we ripped open the packages and started working our way through.

Chocolate croissant

The chocolate croissant was butttery and flakey, with a good amount of chocolate. It would have been amazing heated up.

Pumpkin scone

I thought the pumpkin scone was OK but nothing special. Mum pointed out that it had an "Indian food smell" which I guess means there are some spices in it. It did seem like more of a savory scone than a neutral scone.


Dad thought the pretzel was "chewy". That it was. I wasn't too taken by this either. The coating was too salty, even for me, and I'm someone who really loves salt.

Salmon, cream cheese and salad bagel

I liked the salmon and cream cheese bagel. The bagel itself was really nice and the filling was surprisingly fresh.

Sourdough loaf

The sourdough loaf was HEAVY! I carted it home and have been eating it as toast for breakfast. It is a great quality sourdough with a great, slightly sticky/chewy texture and distinct sourness. I like it with blueberry jam.

Overall, Banneton Bakery delivered some tasty baked treats. The sourdough would be the pick of the lot. As for the rest, whilst they were good, I didn't think they were necessarily better than many other bakeries around. Even though I didn't eat there, the woman that served me was rude and short-tempered so I still got a taste of their bad service.
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  1. We went there to get a take away lunch and coffee today and it didn't look busy. There were three waiting persons and no one asked what we wanted for 10 minutes even though we were standing right in front of them. After awhile one of them told us to wait longer and we waited at least another 5 minutes to just make an order. Eventually, we got what we ordered, but coffee tasted horrible. I asked for skim milk with one sugar, but it tasted like full cream milk and no sugar. Again, it wasn't even busy in the shop!