Thursday, November 1, 2012

Endless Noodles Revisited for Lunch

Endless Noodles
Shop 1/70 Pinelands Rd, Sunnybank Hills

I've been so engrossed in trying new restaurants these days that I've been neglecting the old favorites. Most of these are eateries around Sunnybank. As great as it is to sit down for a fine dining experience, the style of eating I enjoy the most is still cheap, authentic eateries with hundreds of dishes, fast service and lots of flavor. Endless Noodles was first blogged here. Mum and dad found the place and I fell in love with the chunky handmade noodles. It was thus fitting that I revisited Endless Noodles with them on the weekend.

Endless Noodles is a textbook Asian eatery in terms of appearance, food, pricing and service. The menu is comprised of appetizers, noodle dishes, rice dishes and some mains for sharing. Over winter, they used to offer hotpot as well but I'm not sure if they still do.

My parents and I ordered a range of things (some familiar and some new) to try over lunch.

Pork and garlic chive dumplings

The dumplings came first. They tasted handmade (rather than frozen out of a packet) which is something that should always be the case when eating out but unfortunately isn't. The dumplings were slightly overcooked and the wrappers were on the gluggy side but the filling had a good balance of meat and vegetable.

Pork mince with handmade noodles

I chose the pork mince with handmade noodles. This is something I used to order from Endless Noodles all the time. It's a really simple dish with savory mince, sliced fresh cucumber and the noodles the place is famous for.

Mixed up noodles

The idea is to stir everything together before slurping it up. We all thought this was delicious. It's homely and comforting, which is my idea of a great noodle dish. There's no soup but the noodles aren't stir-fried so it's relatively 'clean' and has no oily feel.

Soy-braised tofu and vegetables

Mum chose the soy braised tofu. I am not a huge tofu lover but this dish wasn't bad. The flavor did soak into the tofu pieces so they weren't too bland. This is something that is best eaten with rice to soak up the sauce.

Lamb skewers

Dad was really excited about the lamb skewers because he and I love lamb but mum doesn't eat it. When I'm around it's his excuse to have some. The lamb skewers took ages to come out and we hypothesized it was because they needed to heat up the oven to cook them. They did taste oven-roasted rather than grilled over a flame, which is what we like in lamb skewers. Having said that, they weren't too bad.

Endless Noodles is a great joint for homely Chinese food. There's lots to choose from on the menu but you can't go past the handmade noodles. The service is efficient. I've seen many neighboring restaurants come and go but Endless Noodles has stuck around over the years for good reason.
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