Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breakfast at Pablo

893 Brunswick St, New Farm

The score of rad cafes in New Farm have been elusive to me because I'm too lazy to travel beyond my comfort zone of West End and South Brisbane. A couple of weekends ago, Byron was staying in New Farm with friends so it was as good a reason as any to visit and grab some breakfast.

We wandered without direction for a moment before I spotted Pablo in the distance. I had heard about it from other bloggers and knew it was a place I wanted to try. We crossed a couple of streets and headed over.

Pablo is a fairly small cafe with a couple of cute outdoor tables. The weather was lovely so we set up outside and street-watched.

The breakfast menu is what I'd like to think of as creative. Rather than stock standard bacon and egg combinations, there were a few outside-the-box dishes that really appealed to me. As someone who eats breakfast/brunch out more than any other meal, it's great to see non-conventional options.

Cappucino and latte

We ordered some coffee to start with. Byron had a cappucino and me, a latte. They were quite good.

Confit of portabella mushroos baked with a feta and chorizo crumble - with dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote and rye and onion toast

My breakfast choice was the portabella mushrooms with feta and chorizo crumble. The serving size was massive. The mushrooms themselves were fat, juicy and hearty. They were nicely complimented by the texture of the crumble. Then, there were the dill scrambled eggs and rye and onion toast, which could have been a meal on their own. I could barely walk after this! I especially loved the toast. It was delicious.

Lemon and thyme homemade baked beans - with crispy, double-smoked speck bacon, fried eggs and sourdough toast

Byron went with the homemade baked beans. It was also a tremendous serve of food. The baked beans had a lovely, refreshing flavor from the lemon. They were cooked nice and soft without being mushy. They were served with bacon, fried eggs and toast.

I really liked Pablo for breakfast. The service was friendly and the cafe was pleasant to sit and chat in. I loved the menu selection and it was difficult selecting just one dish. The food was tasty and the serving sizes were huge, making the dishes great value if you have a big appetite.
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  1. I'm always glad to read when a fellow food blogger has enjoyed the same place I love, particularly Pablo who have always served us brilliant breakfasts the past year. Haven't tried the portobello mushrooms yet, but definitely will now.

  2. my partner took me here for my birthday this year, and i LOVED it! i've tried to go back but they're always either closed or sold out for the day :( i guess there's a reason Pablo's this way!

  3. They should make more food! Too popular for their own good :)