Thursday, December 27, 2012

Breakfast at Foxy Bean

Foxy Bean Cafe

Kat and I reunited after a painstakingly long 2 month period apart. This time of the year is always fanatically busy and we hadn't found the time to catch up until last weekend. Kat is going to New Zealand over new years so we figured we better squeeze something in before then. As per usual, I chose the location.

I read great things about Foxy Bean on Dolce Bunnie's blog so I thought it would be well worth a visit. I roughly worked out my route of travel the night before yet somehow got to the wrong side of Stanley Street and had to do a mad sprint across 4 lanes of fast-moving traffic to get to the cafe.

We met up at 8:30am on a Saturday, which is fairly early by my standards. However, as we sat and chatted, I noticed the cafe getting more and more crowded and the service becoming hectic. It's a bloody popular breakfast spot, that's for sure! We sat in the first room and it wasn't until we got to up to pay that I realized there was a whole other dining space further inside.


I ordered a latte to start my day. It took a bit longer than I expected to arrive but it was a good cup of coffee.

Toasted banana, walnut and pumpkin bread - with vanilla mascarpone and stewed rhubarb

I knew what I wanted for breakfast from perusing the menu the night before. I have mentioned countless times on this blog how much I love banana bread (reflecting that with numerous banana bread recipe posts) and I am also a shameless pumpkin lover. The fact that there was a banana AND pumpkin bread, the love-child of my 2 baking crazes, was a sign from above that I had to order this dish. It was clearly designed for me.

Close-up texture shot

The banana and pumpkin bread was everything I could have hoped for. It was like a perfectly textured banana loaf, moist and dense, with a distinct hint of pumpkin flavoring. Along with the pumpkin, there were the typical spices that compliment pumpkin but also work well with banana. What a dreamy match. The bread was served toasted with some vanilla mascarpone cream and stewed rhubarb. I didn't love the rhubarb and found it to be too tart a compliment but the mascarpone cream worked wonders with the bread.

Bushman's benny - with savory mince, poached eggs and hollondaise on toast

Kat ordered the bushman's benny, which was my second choice. It was a generous serve of savory mince on toast, with poached eggs and hollandaise. I tried some of the mince - delicious! It reminded me of good quality pie filling with a tomatoey tang.

Oozy hollondaise-drenched egg

Kat was at first apprehensive about the combination of mince with hollondaise but she said that once she got used to it, it was very tasty. She cut the egg into the mince, releasing the gorgeous runny yolk.

We were very impressed with the food at Foxy Bean. It made an impression on me and stood out amongst all the breakfast cafes I've been going to this year. The service did become rushed and bordering on impolite when we went to pay but I could see that the staff were run off their feet with their own popularity.
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