Friday, December 21, 2012

Dinner at Il Posto

Il Posto

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I love Italian food but rarely go to Italian restaurants. As my recent expeditions show, I can hardly claim that anymore. Nowadays, I find myself booking into more and more Italian restaurants because that's what I'm in the mood for.

After Google Maps  revealed that Il Posto was just within walking distance to us in South Brisbane (Marc and I avoid driving to restaurants if we can), I made a booking for last Saturday night. It was originally for 9pm but I got so hungry that afternoon we moved it up a notch. As evening came, we set off Northward bound, into the unknown.

The restaurant is located in Paddington Central. It was alive with people when we got there and we were directed to a table in the outside section. There was a comforting buzz of conversation all around.

The menu contains a range of starters, sides, pizzas, pastas and more conventional mains. I wasn't in the mood for any pure proteins so we went for a pizza and pasta dish to share, with the view of ordering dessert later on.

Casarecce con ragu - casarecce pasta with diced pork belly, wagyu beef, pork and fennel sausage ragu, fresh peas and parmesan

I chose the casarecce con ragu because of its tantalizing combination of meats. I absolutely loved this pasta dish. The pasta itself was cooked to perfection, just al dente. I liked that the shape of the large tubes were great for scooping up the meat sauce. As for the sauce, I thought it was amazing. The flavor was complex yet comfortingly homely. I could slurp up bowlfuls of this stuff every night. Marc thought the pasta "tasted like it smelt a bit weird" but I think he was delirious when he said that.

Gamberi e rucola - pizza with tomato, mozarella, prawns, chili and rocket

The prawn pizza was Marc's choice, rationalizing that we should have one meat-based option and one seafood-based option. It was tasty, with a good dose of juicy prawns and scattering of fresh rocket. I liked the base and the tomato sauce, though I couldn't detect any chili. I would have been more impressed with this pizza if I wasn't so wrapt with the pasta.

Semifreddo di mandorle - homemade almond and caramel semifreddo

For our dessert, we shared the semifreddo. Marc asked me what that was and I described it as "an ice-cream, but harder", which is basically what it was. It had a nice nougaty flavor and although it was an unexciting pick, it was still a nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. 

Il Posto left a good impression on me with the pasta. The restaurant itself is a good balance between relaxed and slightly dressed up, making it a nice spot for a dinner date. The service was consistent and we didn't have to wait a long time for food.
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