Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lunch at Hanaichi Sushi Bar and Dining

Hanaichi Sushi Bar and Dining

Hanaichi Sushi train was one of my favorite treats from my uni days. Back then, it was considered an expensive rarity for special occasions. I'd only been a couple of time and never since it had renovated.

Marc and I walked past it with intentions of trying the new Brisbane Riverbar but we decided we were too hungry to deal with the potential queue at the Riverbar (this is when it had just opened) so we doubled back to Hanaichi instead.

There was a slight queue here too but because we were only 2 people, we just had to wait for them to clear up the seats for us. Hanaichi offers seats around the sushi train, as well as actual tables, more appropriate for those ordering from the ala carte menu.

We were taken to prime seats at the end of the sushi train. It was nice because the seats are generally a bit squishy but we only had neighbors on one side to contend with, and a relatively distanced wall on the other.

Below is a gallery of dishes we grabbed off the train (not all labelled because I'm not sure what they were).

Seared scallop sushi

Spider roll

Peking duck roll

Seared salmon roll

Karaage chicken

Tempura vegetable sushi

Salmon sushi

Fish tempura with honey sauce

Spicy salmon ship

My favorites were the freshly seared sushi. I literally grabbed them as soon as they were placed on the train. Seared fish has a gorgeous charred flavor that takes fresh sashimi to another level. I loved the soft shell crab here and the peking duck roll was surprisingly good.

There's not much in the way of service at a sushi train but the staff we did interact with were friendly and the table-clearing was efficient. The food was on a whole, very tasty. Hanaichi Sushi Bar remains one of my favorite sushi establishments around.
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  1. Really enjoyed reading your post.
    Peking Duck Roll was actually Crispy Salmon Roll, the last two dishes were Fish Tempura with Honey Sauce and Spicy Salmon Gunkan Maki (Ship).

  2. Hi MING...

    I added teh last 2 captions... but are you sure about the crispy salmon roll? I swear I tasted duck...

    1. Indubitably, I work there.
      Come say hi to me when you next drop by.
      Also, we recently opened new restaurant at 123 Eagle Street Pier (Hanami Sushi Bar + Dining) with the exact same menu.
      Thanks for the awesome review! :)