Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spring for Brunch

Spring - Reblog

Continuing on from the 'Adventures of Trying to Pick up my Steam Mop' (click here to see what I'm on about), I rescheduled an inner city car trip to get brunch at Spring last weekend. This time, we finally brought home that accursed appliance so it was a successful outing. Furthermore, we had a fantastic meal at Spring and it has established itself in my mind as one of my favourite Brisbane eating venues. Read on for details...

Marc and I had dined once at Spring and we managed to be the last people eating while the restaurant shut down around us. Everyone was very nice about it but even at the time, I found myself thinking "yes, the food here was delicious but the decor is very much that of a brunch venue". I don't know how else to describe it than to say that if Brunch was personified into one 'look', then Spring would have it. It's rustic bleached benches, open terrace and hanging pot plants scream of lazy, late breakfast sessions in the sun with coffee in hand, crackling bacon and eggs on plate. That's not to say we should all boycott the place at night (the food is great all day round) but I've never seen a venue more perfect for weekend mornings.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning so Marc and I took up one of the numerous outdoor tables. There are tonnes of seating options inside too and because of the open walls, you get a hint of sunshine no matter where you sit. The name 'Spring' is very fitting for the venue and we felt perfectly at ease.

We started with a coffee order of latte (for me) and cappucino (for Marc). As we were waiting, I spied many people stopping by at Spring's 'Tuckshop counter' (Marc and I agreed that the term 'tuckshop' evoked wonderful childhood memories) for takeaway coffee and pastries.

Latte and Cappucino

I was certainly tempted to pick up a slice after watching our neighbouring table devour something that smelt amazing even from where I was sitting. I restrained myself, knowing my breakfast would be too big as it was.

House-baked sourdough toast - with two eggs and bacon

Marc went for the classic combination of bacon and eggs on house-baked sourdough. There's not much to say for bacon and eggs beyond praising the spot on manner in which it was cooked. Crispy yet unburnt bacon? Check. Runny yet ungooey egg? Check.

Black pudding on house-baked sourdough toast - with poached eggs and mustard hollandaise

I chose the black pudding for myself. The egg and sourdough components were the same as in Marc's breakfast.

Close-up of egg

The golden, runny eggyolk was really crucial here in bringing the dish together. I loved the creamy mustard hollondaise (very filling) and the black pudding itself was flavoursome but not overpowering.

Something that really stood out to me about having brunch at Spring is the emaculate service. Maybe it's because it's a fine dining restaurant by night but I really appreciated our polite and attentive waiter. I'm sure many of you can relate to how annoyingly busy many brunch hot spots are these days. It can be near impossible to get the attention of a waiter and they run around barking orders like a military camp. Spring was very busy but in no way did I feel rushed or franctic. I don't often mention cost in my blog because menu prices can fluctuate and I don't want to mislead anyone reading an old post but generally speaking, the items on the Spring brunch menu were cheaper than most other cafes I've been to in recent times.

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