Monday, February 9, 2015

Motto Motto for Dinner

Motto Motto

Motto Motto started making waves through the Brisbane foodie network in the last few weeks. As soon as I heard of it, so many things about this restaurant ticked the right boxes that I knew I had to try it out. It's a casual Japanese restaurant serving simple and affordable lunch options. The brains behind this new venue are the same folk who own Sono (Portside and CBD locations), which has a reputation for fine dining Japanese in Brisbane. I was curious to see what their more 'everyday' counterpart would be like.

Kat and I had an early (and I mean pensioner early) dinner last Friday night at Motto Motto. Because of the time of day, shoppers had gone home and dinner-goers hadn't really set out yet. As a result, I experienced for the first time a completely stress-free parking experience at Westfield Garden City.

Surprisingly there were some other people already eating, which made us feel less out of place. The procedure here is to order and pay at the counter, before being served at your table. Kat and I chose a meal and beverage each.

Hitachio white ale and Baboo Lychee

Our drinks were given to us when we ordered so there was no wait before we got to start sipping. Kat's pick was a little lychee cider called 'Baboo Lychee'. The vial it came in was simply adorable. It looked like a potion from Alice in Wonderland. It didn't cause the drinker to shrink or grow but it tasted good. I tried the Japanese craft beer which tasted like a mild pale ale with citrus notes.

Seared salmon and avocado rice bowl - with tassie salmon, avocado and teri-mayo

The food was brought out promptly after our order. They were served in flowerpot-style bowls that were perfectly portion sized for us. I imagine Marc would have needed something extra on the side if he was feeling hungry. My order was the seared salmon and avocado rice bowl. Seared salmon is delicious any day of the week and this version had the all-important sweet teriyaki sauce that makes the salmon even more awesome. There was also some grated carrot and salmon roe to round off the meal.

Teri-Teri chicken rice bowl - with classic Japanese teriyaki chicken and veggies

Kat's order was the teriyaki chicken bowl, which came with a generous amount of chicken, veggies and sliced omelet. She commented that it was delicious. I will make a special note about the rice here. I'm not normally a fan of rice but this rice was somehow just really yummy. It wasn't just the seasoned sauce that we mixed through the rice but each grain was cooked perfectly and it tasted fresh.

Motto Motto is a great new addition to the Garden City food scene. It's a relatively small restaurant but with speedy service and simple menu options, turnaround should be quick. The dishes we ordered were fresh, flavoursome and homely. It's the kind of food you could eat regularly and not get sick of it (or become overweight). The prices are very reasonable too.
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